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An Oakland voter’s guide, courtesy of GO Public Schools

By Katy Murphy
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 at 11:50 am in politics, School board news.

Want to hear what Oakland’s mayoral, city council and school board hopefuls have to say about public education in the city, and how they would support it? Or read what they say they would do to “attract and retain great teachers in every Oakland public school,” advocate for students, and get Tony Smith’s strategic plan off the ground?

Great Oakland Public Schools videotaped statements from 10 mayoral candidates and posted questionnaire answers from school board candidates. The organization also asked city council candidates questions about “a to g” requirements, the district’s School Options policy, independently run charter schools, the November school parcel tax, and the role they’d play to help the city win federal grants, among others. The guide is set up so you can easily compare their answers.

I imagine those questions required the candidates to brush up on their local schools knowledge (except for Nancy Sidebotham, who responded to almost every question that she would defer to the superintendent and/or school board because it’s their job to address that particular issue).

Did any of their responses stand out to you? Who will you vote for?

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