Oakland’s School Options deadline is here

Today’s PSA: If you’ve been shopping for public elementary, middle and/or high schools in Oakland and want to take part in the first round of school placements, your deadline is 3 p.m. Friday.

You must apply in person at the Family & Community Office, 2111 International Boulevard OR at any OUSD school. (I initially neglected to mention the latter option.)

For more details and contact information, visit OUSD’s enrollment page here. You can find the forms here.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • wdcrachel

    How does this school system advertise this to ensure all students/parents/families can take advantage of? Are there also opportunities at school sites?

  • AC Mom

    In previous years there were advertisements on the sides of buses altering parents of the deadline and that OUSD would be holding an options fair to inform the students and parents of their school choices, but this year I have not seen any such advertisements. I am not sure that there was even an options fair, but I must admit I was not on the lookout as I had made my school choices a while ago. Beyond that I have never seen any other forms of outreach intended to notify parents that it was time to enroll their child in K, or that this was the window in which one could apply for placement in another school.

    Also, you can apply any OUSD school site; Katy provided a lilnk to the forms and instructions above. I dropped my forms off at my child’s intended school.

  • Sue

    My 8th grader brought the forms home from school, and we submitted them at the middle school.

    I remember a whole lot more advertising/publicizing when he was in his last year of elementary and we were considering middle school choices. Just a guess, but maybe OUSD doesn’t want to, or can’t, spend much after all the budget cuts in the past few years.

    That doesn’t make it easy for parents/families, but it seems like an understandable situation.

  • Donna

    Our home received a robo-call from OUSD, I think it was yesterday informing us of the options deadline. Our kid is already in an OUSD high school, and we have no elementary or middle school age kids, rising or otherwise.