Rally for Oakland teachers

Hundreds of people came out to Oakland High School this afternoon, in the rain, to support teachers throughout the district who have received layoff notices. While the potentially eliminated full-time positions total 538 (out of 2469), the number of people who received notices was much higher — 657, according to district spokesman Troy Flint.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • http://www.tigerthegecko.blogspot.com maestra

    They gave layoff notices to 26.6% of their full-time teachers? Do they not think they’ll have students in the district next year?

  • David Laub

    Last year the lay off of teachers at Oakland Tech was excessive-without concern for projected enrollment.

    When the school year began we were short a number of teachers, due to enrollment numbers. The consequence for the school staff-custodial, clerical, certificated, administrative-and students and their families was truly severe. Our administration had to struggle even as school was opening to find replacements for core courses such as English, Mathematics. Many classrooms exceeded 40+
    students-waiting to be balanced by the refunding of positions cut just months before. People lost jobs and found them in other districts. Some classes could not initially get momentum due to having to utilize substitute teachers until our principal could find and hire a replacement for someone we had lost. A couple of hundred students who had established bonds with their classmates and teacher had to transfer to a different class, period teacher six weeks into the semester.

    Due to all of the efforts of the students and their families, and Oakland Tech’s staff, we came through an unnecessary and truly stressful experience. Time lost in education is never regained. The conditions imposed upon us by the Central Administration and School Board of OUSD led to the loss of students education, increased stress in the lives of the students-which is guaranteed to impede the cognitive and affective processes of learning.

    The goal was the same then as now-scramble to find $ to replace all of the tens of millions of dollars paid out to for profit programs, consultants, oversized central administration salaries, oversized central administration staff-

    And do it, not by cleaning up the fiscal mismanagement of OUSD, rather do it by gutting necessary educational programs and staff. Sound a bit like Wall Street?

  • livegreen

    Yes, before Wall Street had to be taken over by the Feds. Or, OUSD before it had to be taken over by the State. (& had lots of negative impacts for OUSD Board members. Like one of them getting elected Mayor).

  • J.R.

    OT(but related),
    If we could clean some of California’s agencies we would have more money for teacher’s here is one of the most corrupt agencies we need to get rid of:


    I would love to have this wasted money available for students/teachers in California.