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Oakland schools to cancel more layoff notices

By Katy Murphy
Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 9:03 pm in adult education, budget, high schools, middle schools, OUSD central office, teachers.

A week after announcing that none of its elementary school teachers would be laid off strictly for budget reasons, the Oakland school district is gearing up to cancel more layoff notices — though not all of them.

Art, English and physical education are among the subjects likely to be completely spared from layoffs based on the results of budget cuts made at individual schools. Adult education, meanwhile, is the hardest hit; all 48 remaining adult education counselors and teachers are likely to receive final layoff notices, according to a resolution posted on the agenda of a special board meeting tomorrow night.

You can find the updated layoff list, by subject, here.

A partial layoff count (see above link for the full document):

Art: 0 (10 originally noticed)
Counselors: 5 (9 originally noticed)
Foreign language: 2 (18 originally noticed)
Music: 1 (25 originally noticed, then eight)
P.E.: 0 (25 originally noticed)
Sixth-grade core teachers: 3 (28 originally noticed)
School psychologist: 3.8 (6 originally noticed)
Social science: 5 (45 originally noticed)
English: 0 (41 originally noticed)

There are a number of ROP positions listed, as well.

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  • AH

    What about librarians?

  • Katy Murphy

    0.6 full-time library positions (out of the 8 originally noticed) would be eliminated.

    The blog post contains a link to the board resolution, which lists all of the positions. See pages 4-5.