Leadership changes on Oakland teachers union board

Challengers have unseated at least three incumbents on the executive board of the Oakland Education Association.

Ben Visnick, an Oakland High teacher and former union president, beat out incumbent Mark Airgood as treasurer. Toni Morozumi, a teacher at Montclair Elementary, unseated Tania Kappner; and Benjie Achtenberg, of Melrose Leadership Academy, will replace Craig Gordon.

Other seats will have new leaders, as well.

Isabel Toscano, a Castlemont Business Information & Technology teacher, won the open position currently held by Bob Mandel. Kei Swenson, a Fruitvale Elementary School teacher, will be the second vice president; she ran for an open seat against Mark Rendon.

Remember Oakland TIES, the group I blogged about last month? The group didn’t officially endorse any candidates, but sent out an email before the election noting that “several members of Oakland TIES” had endorsed Morozumi, Achtenberg, Toscano and Swenson.

All of them won.

Here’s the complete list of results, posted by OEA President Betty Olson-Jones:

Kei Swensen – 559
Mark Rendon – 282

Steve Neat – 727

Benjamin Visnick – 530
Mark Airgood – 346

Toni Morozumi – 591
Tania Kappner – 285

Rodney Brown – 708

Isabel Toscano – 412
Chaz Garcia – 374

Benjie Achtenberg – 542
Craig Gordon – 272

Aimee Green – 474
Vincent Tolliver – 332

Trish Gorham – 414
Rodney Brown – 231
Mark Airgood – 194
Run-off to be scheduled

CTA State Council Seat #3
Manny Lopez – 636
Tania Kappner – 204

CTA State Council Seat #4
Steve Neat – 671

CTA Alternate State Council Seats
Janan Apaydin – 369
Rosenda Thomas – 355

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • livegreen

    Will this bring practical change to the OEA? For example, will the OEA continue to vote on political and administrative issues outside of education, that it knows little about? I note a young teacher spoke up against the Gang Injunction at City Council, announcing she officially represented the OEA’s position.

    I wonder when the Teachers, Lawyers representing the gang members, the Mayor, and City Councilmembers who are against the Police Chief, will take control and run the Police Dept.? They seem to think they know better, when they haven’t even mastered their own direct areas of expertise, and their results are dubious at best.

    The OEA has made it clear: They support Gangs (specifically the Nortenos) over the Chief of Police. And Gang members over inner city residents trying to steer clear of them.

  • J.R.

    Instead of supporting the decent law-abiding,tax-paying citizens the OEA makes it clear that they support the perpetually infantile,irresponsible and largely lifetime public leeches and criminals. It just proves what the real intentions of this parasitic organization along with NEA and CTA(which by force of law extracts public money before it is even paid to teachers irregardless if they are members or not)automatic wealth redistribution at its finest.No morals at all, and no shame either(as long as the tax money just keeps rollin’ in).

  • Gee Yu

    can any confirm I heard the the OEA president was arrested during a rally??