Oakland’s 2010-11 enrollment breakdown

The California Department of Education recently posted 2010-11 enrollment data. At least one of you has asked how many schools have fewer than 200 children, so I put together a spreadsheet with the latest numbers for Oakland.

Tab 1 is sorted by total enrollment, with charter schools highlighted in blue. Tab 2 is sorted by school. You’ll see that of the 31 public schools or programs in Oakland with enrollments below 200, all but six or seven are alternative schools or charters, and one of those (Youth Empowerment School) is already slated to close.

Want to go straight to the source? Here is the link to the page from where I downloaded the data.

Oakland school enrollment 2010-11

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Oakland Teacher

    Thanks Katy; that is fascinating information!

    Other than Barack Obama Academy (we are paying an administrative staff for 27 students?), you can skip down (past the charters and alternatives) to Metwest. I have always heard great things about Metwest, but to think that we are building a brand new campus downtown for a high school of 151? How many millions of dollars is that costing – hmmmm…. Lazear is nearly twice that size, and the kids are in portables all day. Where is the equity in this?

    Then down to Sankofa with 153 (continually the smallest elementary in OUSD) and Far West (I actually thought it had been closed a few years ago) with 159 for a high school. The small schools model, along with charters has sent this district for a ride. We are paying for a principal/staffing for such few students, while at the same time, the large comprehensive high schools are laying off their counseling staff. If you can bear to look at the salary lists, you will see that the secretary and principal at a school of 150 get paid the same or more as the principal of a school with 1000 students. Just looking at a rough salary (not benefits) estimate: over $90,000 for principals at these very small schools and the same (depending on years in OUSD) for the very large schools/ approximately $50,000 for the school secretary, regardless of school size.

    This district is going broke, is drastically cutting services to students, hasn’t given staff a raise in years, but can afford to keep these tiny schools open. What is wrong with this picture?

  • ILoveTeachers

    The new building isn’t just for MetWest – it will also house an elementary school that has been in portables for 20 years and at least one CDC.

    More importantly, all kids deserve world-class facilities, even if they attend small schools.

  • Cranky Teacher

    It is interesting to note that parents/students largely rejected the small high schools in favor of boosting enrollment at the remaining comprehensives.

    I don’t think this was necessarily for the right reasons (kids just wanna have fun, parents fall for “name brand”), but the data is pretty clear. The numbers would be even more stark if enrollment wasn’t capped at schools like Skyline (although the caps are usually treated more like guidelines than limits).