First day back

I love the first day of school, but the parents at Oakland’s Grass Valley Elementary put my enthusiasm to shame this morning. You can see the PTA moms (and Dad’s Club dads) in action in a video I took of my visit, which will soon be posted to this Tribune story.

Some Oakland schoolchildren didn’t have such a stellar first day, through no fault of their their own or anyone at their schools. A manhunt in East Oakland led to an afternoon emergency lockdown at Castlemont and East Oakland PRIDE. For students at those schools, it meant noisy helicopters hovering overhead, hours stuck in the cafeteria, or hours without lunch. Hopefully they will have a much better day tomorrow.

How was your first day back? Tell us about it — even if it’s the second day of school by the time you read this.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Shawn

    There is also an Aspire Public School across the street from where the shooting took place, they too were affected.

  • Sue

    All was quiet at Skyline. My brand-new freshman had a good first day, and the administration (wearing their “counselor” hats) had corrected the problems with his proposed schedule that we received last week.

    I hope our experience was the norm for all the families and schools not otherwise mentioned. And I hope things will get much better quickly for those who did have problems.

  • Nextset

    You wonder if placing schools away from bad neighborhoods might be a better idea. Perhaps placing schools in Malls and downtown office buildings, and other non-traditional but available pieces of real estate would be an improvement.

  • holly smith

    Things were great on the surface at Manzanita Community School. Teachers did there best to push aside the sadness of knowing that the school will be closed next year. Students and families were welcomed with smiles and welcome back hugs. The sense of community and family felt at Manzanita Community School was amazing. Why would OUSD close such a wonderful and successful school. It doesn’t make any sense.