OUSD’s budget priorities

6:20 p.m. update: The meeting got started late. Only four of the seven board members — Jody London, David Kakishiba, Gary Yee and Alice Spearman — are here. You should be able to catch the live video of the meeting now.


The Oakland school board is talking finances tonight, and I’m heading to a 6 p.m. special meeting to see what I can find out.

You should be able to catch live video of the meeting here, once it starts. Meeting details here.

The board is considering these questions, among others:

1. How will District schools and programs be affected by the impending State revenue reductions for FY 2011-2012 (mid-year) and FY 2012-2013?
2. What planning assumptions is District using to establish FY 2012-2013 enrollment and attendance projections?
3. How is District spending FY 2011-2012 General Fund (unrestricted and restricted) revenues?
4. What is the status of the District’s Strategic Plan Year One Landmarks?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • OUSD Parent

    Katy, I’d like to learn more about what was discussed at the meeting. I’ve checked the link several time but it hasn’t been updated yet. I’m confused by the issue of trigger cuts for the remainder of 2011-12 and then possible cuts for 2012-13. I read a statement by Tony Smith that OUSD may not have to make any further cuts regardless of what the State imposes in terms of cuts.

    As a parent this is confusing. First we are told that there is no money. We sweat through the pink slip fiasco every year only to have most of the teachers hired back. We read about further cuts to K-12 education for both the remainder of this year and probably next year as well, and then hear that OUSD has planned for it and there may not be any further cuts next year. Is there money? If not, how can OUSD claim that it won’t be impacted by possible cuts?

    If you have any additional info to share, I’d really like to read it. Thanks!

  • Katy Murphy

    Stay tuned! I plan to write an update today. In short, the superintendent and deputy superintendent say they don’t expect to have to make program or expenditure cuts, mid-year — that they anticipated the cut and left a large sum in the district’s fund balance (rather than spending it).