A youth and family center opens at McClymonds

The McClymonds Youth and Family Center, a project years in the making, opened today on the high school campus. I wrote a story about this happy occasion for West Oakland.

Tribune photographer D. Ross Cameron took the below photos of the renovated space (the main area above and the dance studio below), which students helped to design:

Staff Photojournalist

Staff Photojournalist

Katy Murphy

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  • OUSD Parent

    I’m glad this project was finally realized. Are there any similar projects in the works at other Oakland schools. I’m still not clear how schools are selected to have health centers and/or youth centers built on campus. I understand that the funding is drawn from several sources including special grants, etc. But how are the schools selected? What about some of the Oakland middle schools. Do any of them have plans for anything like this? I have heard that Montera Middle School is finishing up a multi-million $$$ renovation/upgrade but I don’t think they benefited from a health center or a youth center. How can some schools not have enough resources to keep its library staffed and open while others have health centers and youth centers?

    Again I am thrilled for the kids who will benefit from these new resources. I am just trying to understand how school sites are selected. What criteria is used? And are there are other OUSD schools that will benefit from similar projects in the near future?

  • Nextset

    Interesting video interviewing High School Students on idiot questions: http://lewrockwell.com/slavo/slavo95.1.html

    One wonders why we bother to open such “centers” as this one when the high school products may be so uneducated they cannot function even at a basic level. – Oh, I know why – it’s to keep the kiddies comfortable. Because comfort is considered so important now that we pay for it so the kids and their families will be so happy they won’t notice they are actually in holding pens rather than schools.

    A real school is not so concerned about creature comfort and more concerned about the products of that school being able to rise in society. When you are brought up to be lazy, dull and ignorant you are roadkill in the Brave New World. Someone to be at the mercy of those who are better trained, more realistic and who have a better grasp of the world and it’s possibilities. I didn’t say smarter – just better trained.

    I’d like OUSD to dispense with the comforts and increase the training.