Your new Oakland teachers union leaders

The results are in, and Trish Gorham, a teacher at Kaiser Elementary, will be the new president of the Oakland Education Association. She defeated Mark Airgood 639 to 201.

Steve Neat won first vice-president, beating out Tania Kappner 627 to 206. Other contested seats went to Chaz Garcia, Vincent Tolliver, Janan Apaydin, Manny Lopez, Vivian Romero, and Andy Young. All of the winners had been endorsed by out-going president Betty Olson-Jones.

Mark Hurty, the candidate I quoted about OEA needing to be in a better relationship with the district administration, received 314 votes to Apaydin’s 440. None of the three candidates he supported — Angela Badami, Marva McInnis and Cary Kaufman — won.

The turnout? 1,027 valid votes — about 40 percent of the membership.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Cranky Teacher

    Wasn’t it arrogant for a second-year teacher to think he was knowledgeable enough to run for a leadership position?

  • david laub

    The by-laws of our union do not prevent a second year teacher from running. Call it a learning experience, not arrogance.

    The important outcome is the result of our election. Participating, voting members understood the value of union member’s active leadership in defending our contracted rights.They have much experience advocating our membership’s hard work, and in defining our union’s education policioes, positions, and practices regarding true education reform versus rampant and arrogant deconstruction and privatization of our public school system nationally and locally.
    We have a solid leadership in place.

    Now we have a contract struggle to resolve.