California’s budget, “day of reckoning”

Want to see the governor’s latest proposal for balancing the state’s budget, despite ballooning deficit projections?

You’ll find the May Revise summary here. The education proposal begins on page 33.

If you’d rather read a long and incredibly comprehensive first-day news article about the details of the proposal, check out  Josh Richman’s piece (to which a number of reporters, including me, contributed) here.

Gov. Jerry Brown says that if the November tax initiative doesn’t pass, funding for schools and community colleges will be automatically cut by $5.5 billion — equivalent to three weeks of instruction. The May budget revision assumes those tax hikes will go through, though.

The plan includes a whopping $453 million cut to state-funded child care services.

Brown also proposes a simpler funding formula for schools, as I noted recently. Schools with higher-needs students would receive more money, and the state would no longer require certain funding streams to be spent on particular programs.

What jumps out at you from reading the proposal and the news coverage?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • J.R.

    What jumps out at me is that the Governor wants to use the fraudulent Free reduced lunch numbers to give some of the the worst performing districts more money which won’t help(never has). LAUSD is the number one money pit(because of the large number of children of illegals)who don’t pay much in taxes(if at all). This bastion of dependents with the 50% grad rate will be further rewarded for their abysmal performance.

    The following was taken from:


    “Parents, Apply for the Free Lunch Program Online!
    The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program that provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. Parents and guardians of all OUSD students are encouraged to apply. Not only could your child qualify for reduced-price or free meals, but his or her school could receive much needed Title I funding as a result. Please click here for more information and to access the online application”.

    A big problem is that the federal government(taxpayers again) covers only about half of the costs of the FRLP program.






    Layer after layer of money is being stripped from the people who actually produce wealth and services, and given to those who do not( they do however produce more people who are dependent on society to support them).

  • Katy Murphy

    Here’s Education Trust-West’s response to the budget announcement:

    “After five straight years of budget deficits, Governor Brown is rightly acknowledging the severity of our current crisis. In this difficult context, we applaud the Governor for continuing to press for a weighted student formula proposal that would fund school districts based on the needs of their students. We also commend him for requiring districts to spend the additional dollars generated by low-income students and English Learners on these students.

    However, we remain deeply concerned by the Governor’s budget strategies. The Governor once again bases his budget and the weighted student formula proposal on rosy economic scenarios and the passage of his ballot initiative. While ostensibly increasing funding for schools, he is actually cutting them by over $5 billion, given that few districts will base their final June budgets on the results of the November election. This strategy will likely lead to additional staff layoffs and cuts in support services. It will also allow districts to slash a total of 15 additional school days, leaving California with the shortest school year in the nation. As in previous years, these cuts will disproportionately fall on California’s highest need students, particularly low-income students, students of color and English Learners.

    California’s underserved students cannot afford another year of cuts of vital education supports and services. We believe that there is ample time in the current budget year to develop a state budget that provides districts and schools with the funding and stability they need. We call on our leadership in Sacramento to focus on building a responsible budget that prioritizes the needs of students, and places our state on a path to the financial stability that California’s communities and schools deserve.”

  • Nextset

    I believe the numbers quoted in 2004 was that CA spent 9 billion a year on illegal aliens in cash payments, goods and services.

    Meanwhile the University System evidently has so much money they can field “departments” for ethnic studies and women’s studies and such related “scholarly” studies. The products of some of the basket weaving programs we see in the Occupy Movement and other “protests”. The public schools proudly enroll illegals and fund them – even beyond mandatory education years.

    Then we have LA Unified. Google a recent article written by a white teacher in a LA School. Search those words. The photos are especially interesting. These stories and photos are common experiences in the urban school districts – and taxpayers are at the point where we might just as well not have these schools at all anymore. Let them apply at Charters.

    And then there’s the matter of who is paying 90% of the state income taxes and who is not. And who is paying the sales taxes, and the DMV and gas taxes and the other income streams of the state government. Services are disproportionately going to the non-taxpayers (social services) rather than services to the taxpayers (infrastructure and public safety). The balance is too far off.

    There’s lots of tax money coming in. The Democratic Party just wants a lot more money to continue the street fair for illegals, the political-staff complex and the non-workers. I don’t expect Gov Brown’s tax increases will pass and I don’t believe the cigarette tax increases will pass either (more jobs for the political-staff complex).

    Until the state starts giving up their party atmosphere of indulgent spending, there is no crisis. And good luck voting in ANY tax increases.

    It’s time for the state to shut off all services to illegals and run them out of CA, and to shut down the school programs that waste money. It’s time we made public safety, roads and infrastructure our priority and not “education” as basket weaving.

    It’s time we re-engineered state services to cut costs – DMV comes to mind. CA has refused to adopt even simple things that other states do to cut costs such as lifetime driver’s licenses and outsourcing car registration and title transfers.

    The democratic party is used to using the courts to reverse public votes on policy issues. Let’s see them use the courts to raise taxes when the people refuse to do so. No more tax increases for business as usual. Service cuts, especially those on the schools, do not frighten the taxpayers. Threats to close the Universities are music to taxpayers ears. Close them. Ditto urban school districts.

  • J.R.

    The union’s and parents need to get together and insist that government get smaller(part-time legislators), de-fund Cal air resources board(as well as other needless,and or redundant boards and commissions. Check this corruption out:

    “What friends are for: Gov. Jerry Brown has nominated the daughter of state Democratic Party boss and longtime friend John Burton to one of those $40,000-a-year, part-time commission jobs that often go to well-connected politicos.

    For Kimiko Burton, it’s a seven-year appointment to the State Personnel Board, which meets twice a month.

    She’ll have to juggle her time between the commission and her $205,000-year-job as a deputy city attorney in San Francisco.

    It’s the latest in a series of local and state appointed jobs for the younger Burton.

    “Kimiko has spent her entire career serving the public and exercising sound, reasoned and impartial judgment,” said Brown spokesman Evan Westrup. “We think she is uniquely qualified to take on this role.

    Burton is not the first well-connected appointee to the personnel panel. President Richard Costigan was legislative affairs secretary for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger before the Gubernator put him on the board. Burton replaces Will Fox, Schwarzenegger’s former deputy chief of staff.

    As for what the commission does?

    Well, according to the Personnel Board website, it was set up to “ensure that the state’s civil service system is free from political patronage and that employment decisions are based on merit.”

    We kid you not”.


  • Jerry Heverly

    This is the part I don’t understand, though it isn’t specifically about education:

    {“G}eneral fund revenues have increased by 10.2 percent from the year before. Revenues have jumped from $86.8 billion in 2011-2012 to $95.7 billion in 2012-2013. Personal income taxes have risen by $7.3 billion, a 13.8 percent increase, and corporate tax receipts have risen by $280 million, a 3.4 percent jump. Sales and use tax revenues have jumped by $1.7 billion, or 8.9 percent from the previous fiscal year.”

  • makeitgoaway

    Three weeks off the next school year? Isn’t Jerry’s move the equivalent of threatening to take away school sports? in fact, how about closing some schools and keeping the school year?

    Is that a compelling argument? Vote for my measure or I will shorten the school year!

    Where does this leave the teachers in SF who are intending to strike?

  • J.R.

    I am glad you noticed, and don’t forget that the budget expenditures have actually gone up(just not as much as some people would like, so they call it a cut). Public pension obligations are rising geometrically, especially for those that pay practically nothing into pension costs.







    This is unsustainable, and it will break this state.

  • J.R.

    I don’t think Jerry Brown has ever cashed a paycheck that didn’t come from taxpayers, and he doesn’t know better. Once you are locked in to the public dole, every sap that works for a living(perform or be unemployed and homeless) has no choice when his/her money is confiscated and disbursed to those with iron-clad government jobs and benefits.

  • J.R.

    As far as the SF teachers go, they have their jobs(they should be happy with that). Those jobs are as rock solid guaranteed as you can get. You have to do something really bad(and have it documented) to lose one of those jobs.

  • Steven Weinberg

    Mr. Heverly,
    Look at page 24 of the May Revise and it shows that although tax collections are projected to be up from last year, they are $500 million below the year before 2010-2011, and that was not a good year for tax collection, marking the very bottom of the recession.

  • OUSD Parent

    I am not very good at deciphering these reports. In the most basic terms, what does this mean for schools? There will be more funding as long as the November tax initiative passes. If not, trigger cuts are made which will include severe cuts to the schools. Is this right?

  • J.R.

    OUSD Parent,
    If the initiative passes funding will pretty much remain flat for districts(as far as the kids are concerned). If the initiative fails there will be big cuts for schoolchildren.


  • J.R.

    This has some very easy to understand charts in regards to tax revenue and spending, and we have a spending problem.


  • Nextset


    Only way to deal with the orgy of spending is to freeze and roll back taxes. We did it once with Prop 13. It will be relatively easy to defeat all of the tax increase ballot measures. They are doomed.

    Until the state starts re-engineering it’s operations no one will believe they need more funding. Let them find money with cutbacks. And as far as the schools, the large urban districts and the University have long since lost the respect of the taxpayers. Threatened cuts there are just music to our ears.

    The Charters will happily take most (but not all) of the public school kids for the dollars per student year we are lavishing on LAUSD et al.

    Maybe some change is really coming. No thanks to the Democrats who run this state.

    Municipal Bankruptcies are next. It gets easier the more that are filed.

    Brave New World!

  • J.R.

    This is how stupid, and or evil these overpaid politicians are(from the article in Katy’s link):

    “In fact, general fund revenues have increased by 10.2 percent from the year before. Revenues have jumped from $86.8 billion in 2011-2012 to $95.7 billion in 2012-2013. Personal income taxes have risen by $7.3 billion, a 13.8 percent increase, and corporate tax receipts have risen by $280 million, a 3.4 percent jump. Sales and use tax revenues have jumped by $1.7 billion, or 8.9 percent from the previous fiscal year”

    Revenues went up, but not enough(that’s a cut in Liberal lingo), and mark my words it will NEVER be enough!