California PTA moms try to reach voters in a new way: gangsta rap comedy

In case the sweet faces of underserved public schoolchildren aren’t enough to convince some California voters to approve Prop. 30 and/or 38 on Nov. 6, maybe this will get their attention.

In a 5-minute video promoted by the new parent group Educate Our State, PTA moms frustrated by conventional fundraising schemes turn to intimidation — via pseudo gangster costumes, Taliban references, fake guns and fog (and above all, noisy kids who spill stuff) — to get their schools what they need.

Unlike the pro-Prop. 38, anti-Prop. 30 “contrast ads,” which Molly Munger recently pulled, this “Shake You Down” video urges voters to say “yes” on both fundraising ballot measures. Los Angeles parents Elise Robertson and Mouncey Ferguson made the video; they cast parents from their school, Aldama Elementary, and their own kids.

Can you relate?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nontcair

    Does anyone know where leftist Molly sent her own kids to school?

    I mean, haven’t we about had it with these super rich public education supporters who send their own kids to private school?

    Once again we see public education working for the interests of the 1%.

    Q) Are public schoolkids underserved?
    A) Absolutely

    Q) Is that taxpayer’s fault?
    A) Absolutely not.

    I can neither watch nor relate.

  • Yazstremski

    Yet you continue to POST…give it up Nontcair!

  • J.R.

    This is a good place to post this voter education piece(biased but nevertheless the numbers are correct). Pay special attention to the picture toward the bottom where Jerry is figuratively holding a gun to the head of our children in order to pass this measure.


    Always remember that politicians don’t care if they play Russian Roulette with your child in order to get your money. Not a penny more will be spent on education if this tax passes, it will backfill pensions and social programs, and maybe even the bullet train. This is bait and switch in the classic political tradition.

  • Nontcair

    Don’t believe that income tax increase baloney.

    The few rich actually still here will just move themselves or more of their earned income OUT of California.

    The real extra money would come from the sales tax increase on the working poor and middle class.

    Everyone knows that the middle class pays the taxes.

    Of course, the DEMs know they can’t pass a tax increase on the non-rich without being able to disguise it as a tax on those greedy rich people who aren’t paying their fair share.

    That is why they included snd continue to ballyhoo that phantom income tax increase on “the rich”.

  • J.R.

    Did you happen to look who the sources were for the information? Are you just counting on your own omnipotent opinion again? I hate to break it to you, but your opinion doesn’t carry much if any weight(unless backed by real numbers). Every word you spew without the proof of numbers is baloney!

  • Nextset

    Not to mention refusal to be candid about your education and experience.

  • A coding error

    I would love to have our own Oakland-based version, performed by some of our very own leaders and BOE members. Even add some consultants as backing vocals. What a fundraiser!

  • Marshall Mathers

    This is pathetic!!!
    The whole point of a good education is so a person doesn’t use´╗┐ slang or act like a street hoodlum. Very sad. California keeps sliding downward into moral decay.

  • Josh

    So good! Thanks for sharing it Katy