Your unofficial OUSD winners

This tally doesn’t include all of the mail-in ballots that have yet to be counted, but the results for the Oakland school board races and Measure J (which I’ve rounded) are pretty decisive. Two of the three incumbents, London and Hinton Hodge, have won.

District 1: Incumbent Jody London, 76% — defeated Thearse Pecot

District 3: Incumbent Jumoke Hinton Hodge, 61% (after ranked-choice voting ran its course) — defeated Richard Fuentes and Ben Lang

District 5: Rosie Torres, 54% — defeated Mike Hutchinson in an open race for a seat long held by Noel Gallo.

District 7: James Harris, 57% — defeated Alice Spearman, who has said she might raise a legal challenge again, after the election; Harris lives in Oakland, but in a neighborhood affiliated with the San Leandro school district.

Measure J: 84% (needed 55 percent to pass)

What do you think this outcome will mean for OUSD — besides two new board members?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Congrats to these four, and thanks for being willing to take on a really tough and important role in Oakland. It’s far from easy being a school board member. Thank you in advance for serving.

    And thank you so, so much to everyone who worked hard for Measure J and Prop 30 as well. Much of the water of the Prop 30 campaign was carried by OEA, OCO, and Educate Our State. I am very grateful for all the hard work there – great job, Oakland education community!

    Let’s continue to find ways to come together and align on more resources for kids and policies we can all get behind that make OUSD strong.

    And, I said this on last night’s blog, but I think it’s worth repeating: It has been inspiring to be a part of this school board campaign. Thank you to the nearly 300 individual volunteers who participated in GO’s work to support James, Jumoke, and Rosie. I feel so lucky to be a part of a movement of parents, teachers, and community leaders that knocked on over 11,000 doors and made over 60,000 calls. Congratulations, everyone.

  • Mary

    My deepest, most heartfelt congratulations go out to Jumoke, Rosie, James and Jody! I am proud to have had the privilege to work with you for Oakland and Oakland’s children. Throughout this campaign cycle I have been awed by the sheer drive, determination, and love that have come from parents, teachers, and community members. It is a truly inspiring time to be an Oakland resident!

    Frederick Douglass said it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. I believe neither is an easy task but I know that my fellow Oaklanders across a broad spectrum and on both sides of these campaigns are up to the tasks ahead.

    Take a break EVERYONE and re-energize… there is much work to be done and the Oakland and the world are watching!

  • oaklandedlandscape

    Congratulations to everyone that supports this movement. The new board composition is a game changer for Oakland schools. We face numerous challenges moving forward, and I am 100% confident in the ability of the new board to do what is right for all students in Oakland. Now the work begins…….

  • Observer

    Say goodbye to the few, high performing middle class schools that are left in Oakland. Oh, well—the writing was on the wall.

  • Yazstremski

    HEY NONTCAIR….remember when you said if you lost the election you’d stop posting?!?!?…you lost…are you a man of your word? If so, let me be the first to wish you well as you stop posting on this blog!

  • oakland sucks

    oh great……the passing of measure J once again raises my ridiculously high property taxes for nothing!! oakland has NO idea how to fix ANYTHING…the city is falling apart with crime and filth. the mayor is more interested in saving a sports team than ridding the streets of crime and violence. measure J will further line the pockets of administrators that sure as hell don’t live in Oakland. Seriously,, I’m selling and getting the hell out of this filthy, disgusting and failing city. Wake up OUSD parents!! If you truly care about your kids education and safety, buy something smaller over in the 925 (lamorinda) where your prop tax dollars are carefully and well spent. Excellent schools. beautiful communities, very very low crime rates, and beautiful weather to boot!!

  • Nontcair

    My pledge to stop posting here was unrelated to any particular *outcome* of the election. Big government wins everywhere, every time, anyhow.

    I’m sure you’ll be devastated to learn that I have NO intention of ever posting here again. Nor of posting under some other screen name.

    You can all go back to sleep.

    Your “good” wishes are so very touching.

  • livegreen

    It’s great to have new blood on the Board. New energy, & hopefully civil discourse (even during disagreements) Not all the traditional unending posturing and even name calling.

    As for Measure J, as a homeowner I’m not looking forward to the bill . But I am looking forward to new school facilities that will help offer a better education for children, help retain more families in OUSD & Oakland, and help maintain our tax base.

    & most importantly, improve the safety of our children and their teachers.

  • makeitgoaway

    Although I often did not agree with Nontcair, I think it is important to hear his views. Things are dismal in OUSD and critics should not be silenced. People who post here (and sometimes make the most acerbic comments) care about kids- otherwise, why take the time?

  • teacher

    I am unsure why posters believe that the “new board” will have different outcomes. Board Directors have a pretty miserable job, and most people end up melding into a 2nd ave mentality regardless of their original intent and personality. The two directors who most often spoke with their own voice are both leaving: Director Gallo and Director Spearman.

    You will be missed!

  • Jim Mordecai


    Time will tell. But, you’ve said well what I believe. It is a thankless job taking time away from family and job for what? For one’s civic duty?

    With ease I, and the public, can criticise; but we are sadly lacking in showing regard and appreciation for this important work that these people elected and appointed do to make democracy and self-government work as well as it does.

    The Board’s first organizing meeting with newly elected Board members is also a working meeting. It is also celebration of winning. However, there is never scheduled a meeting for thanking elected and appointed people for the civic duty they perform. I could understand why some would feel such a meeting would be self-promotion and oppose the idea. But, I think it should be considered.

    For years I have appointed myself the task of tracking what the Oakland School Board does and it is time consuming work. But, it is far more time consuming and work for those that have been serving their civil duty on the Board and as Board appointees.

    Why most of us our united in our belief in democracy and self-government why do we ignore it in action and pay so little attention to those that shoulder the responsibility for making it work?

    Jim Mordecai

  • Nextset

    While Nontclair’s postings were odd and interesting I can’t take them too seriously without some background on who and what he or she is. Refusal to give more background speaks volumes.

    And I’d be surprised if Nontclair gives up on the postings. There is a lot going on, change is coming faster as time moves on. I don’t think it’s for the better.

    There will be a lot to comment on.

    I didn’t think the tax increase would pass and it did. I also thought Romney would win and he didn’t. So I’m seeing than things are further along than I believed they were.

    Inflation anyone? Can we say “death spiral”?

    Increased flow of money is not going to change any of the reading and performance scores at OUSD. And it remains to be seen if the money is actually maintained. I see money being diverted to CA legislative salaries, staff and travel budgets. Plus the CA Welfare State. Ultimately there is no money to maintain standards and the standards fall, ala Greece and Spain. CA cannot print money just as the EU states can’t print Euros, they have to “borrow” them, with interest.

    Meanwhile the wars are coming. Lots of them.

    Brave New World!

  • livegreen

    Nontclair is gone, his alter ego Nextet mysteriously returns simultaneously, and we’re already off topic. Indeed, what will change with a new board?

    Brave Old World.


  • Yazstremski

    Livegreen…LOL…it is quite curious…and I’ll take Nextset over Nontclair ANY day!

  • 1day at a time

    Here’s context for teacher unions, that is key to having informed discussion.

    How powerful are California’s teacher unions compared to other states? What will new board members have to work with?


    This post is for information. Hopefully, people will study it and learn what the California unions are and are not.

  • On The Fence

    @Oakland Sucks, I have to say that I agree with you about Measure J. I have every belief that this money will be woefully misspent. I know it was fought for and won by a lot of folks with the right ideas and great intentions. What will happen? We’ll probably get a state of the art medical area added to an expensive renovation at a school that will be closed in the first year after the renovation work. Perhaps that school will go charter. Could be that new expensive features/fixtures will be quickly destroyed, disappear, or be stolen. Probably we will find a litany of problems with drainage, air circulation, heating and other problems that will cause delays, consultants, change orders, law suits. Probably the schools that were failing before will still fail, and those that thrive will continue to thrive in spite of the district, or infrastructure. I invest in public education and believe in it, despite how cynical and critical I may sound. What I don’t believe in is the integrity or capability of ousd.

  • J.R.

    Oakland Sucks & On the fence,
    The record of history has shown that you will be proven right, sad to say. Viable candidates for these positions(politicians & bureaucrats too) are lacking in each or a combination of expertise,training,temperament and or integrity. They know how to latch on to a paycheck and or job security, but little else.

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