The NRA calls for an armed officer in every school

That’s what the NRA proposed in its news conference today, responding to the Newtown massacre.

Lobbyist Wayne LaPierre said this about installing an armed police officer at every school: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Charles Wilson, principal of Oakland’s Fred T. Korematsu Discovery Academy, called the proposal “chilling” and “insane.”

“I believe that this is one of the most outrageous things that has ever been said by the NRA,” he said.

Do you agree?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    Armed guards in schools is a luxury that is and perhaps should be reserved for high value children.

    You can look and the hundreds of Chicago public schoolchildren reportedly the subject of gunshots this year. Nobody much is worried about that. They are not high value children and more to the point, they and their parent do not want police protection anyway.

    Think of this is evolution in action. Too bad, so sad.

    As always people vote with their feet. And with their wallets.

  • Nextset

    PS: The call to protect children with armed guards in all schools regardless of class makes about as much sense as requiring college level math in all schools regardless of IQ.

    Not wanted, Not needed, and not appreciated.

  • Jessica Stewart

    Charles has it right – the NRA is way off base and ridiculous on this one. Schools should be safe and caring places for children, and weapons designed only to cause harm have no place.

  • J.R.

    The reason you have outrageous propositions such as the NRA, stems from the deep seated psychological fear and cowardice(yet brash bravado when it comes to talking) of many of these gun nuts. Too cowardly to serve their country(used every trick in the book to avoid service), and yet do not want restrictions on their ability to “play” with any type of guns they wish as a civilian(Dick Cheney & Ted Nugent come to mind). Lastly, guns are not shields as the story in the link will attest.


  • J.R.

    “Lobbyist Wayne LaPierre said this about installing an armed police officer at every school: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

    I guess these dead cops, and the criminals didn’t get that memo?

  • Juanster

    Gotta get them kids into safe gun protected places like the White House, Capital Hill, police stations, and other high value human protected environments! How about a secret rotation of gun protected government official in the schools! It would make the crazies crazy!

    Hey, I know! The Obama administration “walked” 2,000 high-powered rifles to the Mexican drug cartels. Why not walk em back this away into the hands of American school principals to be traded in for a glock and a carry permit, or at least a flu shot!

    The Federal Goverment and its Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has purchased a total of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for domestic use.

    Hey buddy, can ya spare a bullet to protect my non-government kid?

  • Ted

    Here is how we can easily pay for armed guards in every school in America.
    We are already shifting costs of government services from the taxpayer to those who directly benefit from those services. For example, the costs to camp in a state park or attend a state university have risen dramatically as the government contribution to those services has dropped. In a similar fashion we will shift costs of gun proliferation to gun owners. I did the math and the cost is actually a reasonable annual fee of $432 per gun. Here are the numbers I used, which may be on the low side since I only accounted only for the cost of treating gun shot wounds and the NRA’s armed guards at schools plan.
    Guns in U.S. (rough estimate)
    Annual cost of treating gun shot wounds: $2,300,000,000 (1994 Journal of the AMA article)
    Number of kindergarten through college students in U.S. 77,000,000 (Census Bureau)
    Number of armed guards required to provide protection to those students at a ratio of 1:400, 192,500 guards, add in security administrative staff at a ratio of 1 admin to 50 guards for a total 3850 security administrators. Total security personnel guards and administrator: 196,350
    Average annual cost of each security officer: $45,490
    Total annual cost of armed security at every school: $8,932,000,000
    Adding together cost of gunshot treatment and school security $11,232,000,000
    Annual social costs of guns divided by number of guns in U.S.: $432 per gun.

  • Chris


    You are a right about part of your logic and way off on everything else. You are proving my point that liberal nuts, like yourself, don’t care about the kids or society. All you all care about is disarming legal law abiding citizens. Your logic of putting all the burden on the good guys is ridiculous. It was estimated, by a liberal that I trust, to be about $5Billion to put one armed guard in every school. I say double it and call it $10Billion to allow for backup to be present. Now lets look at the 110 Billion we spent in Afghanastan and the 49 Billion in foreign aid. Lets take 5 Billion from each, cause lets be honest, most of the foreign aid goes to countries that hate us. So let them hate us without our money. That pays for the program without adding any burden to those of us who are law abiding gun owners.
    Or lets look at it this way. What if someone was to punch ever liberal idiot in the face for making stupid comments about the military and our country. That would require a lot of medical cost over time, right? Therefore can we bill you all the cost of medical care that resulted in a fight, when it stemmed from your right under the 1st Amendment. My answer is NO that would be wrong. So please stop trying to make me pay for a RIGHT, granted under the 2nd Amendment.

  • IntrepidTeacher

    Armed guards at every school and teachers with guns? Like that’s not a disaster waiting to happen.

    Solving gun violence is not something that has an overnight solution and you need to be in it for the long haul. We don’t just want to reduce gun violence now, we want to eliminate it (or come as close as possible to eliminating it) in the future.

    We need:
    *small class sizes (as noted elsewhere)
    *responsible parents/guardians
    *to stop glorifying violence in movies, tv, music and popular culture
    *a focused effort to teach alternatives to using guns to solve problems.

    (NB to Nextset: we are ALL high value people as far as I’m concerned.)

  • Jen

    This solution will cost us an awful lot of money and above all the police officers with guns may create an uncomfortable feeling among students. I think some trained volunteers would be a much better choice. On the other hand, I also realize that the culture of violence in the country is also part of the problem. We are living in a society where murder,rape and numerous degenerate activities are presented as entertainment 365 days a week, along with video games that extoll mass murder so this is just the natural culmination of it. A few days ago I read an article on my native Vancouver which is often presented as one of the most liveable cities with the safest neighborhoods in the world but only now I realize that you are no longer truly protected anywhere especially when children are exposed to this kind of evil from their early childhood.

  • Sharon

    A reality check is contained within this account of armed JeffCo Deputy Sheriff Neil Gardner at Columbine High School on that terrible day. http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2000/columbine.cd/Pages/DEPUTIES_TEXT.htm

    A single armed person does not a SWAT team make.

  • J.R.

    OT -Time for some good news, cover this:


    Back to the regularly scheduled program!

  • Juanster
  • makeitgoaway

    We have had an SRO (police officer) on campus for the last 15 years paid for by the City- I am glad he is there….The difference from Colombine that so many have used as an example of police ineffectiveness is that no longer will police put up a perimeter first and then go in… Instead they are trained to neutralize (kill) the shooter.

    here’s my solution. don’t allow Single Moms to bond with their disturbed young adult by buying guns and taking them to the shooting range and then to her job site. What happened at Sandy Hook was a PARENTING problem.

  • Juanster

    Praise be! My worst fear is put to rest! Not to worry folks, this school’s over kill fire power puts the NRA recommendation to even more ‘shame!’ Those girl’s, and their classmates, are surrounded by capable trigger fingers. Sleep well.


  • Pollstar

    Its like all regulations aimed at public schools…..as long as the rich do not send their kids there.

    I bet parents cannot freely enter the Federal Dept of Ed, they will be confronted by guards, gums and metal detectors , but can anyone visit a school……you bet! In fact, through the guise of “parent involvement” where in the inner city can translate to just about anything such from drug drug peddler to pedophile.

    Get rid of private schools then watch education become strong!

  • Ted

    Juanster, Ron Paul sez; Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place.
    Just as the government cannot create a world without risk, arming every Wyatt Earp wanna-be will not make a world any safer either. While the resulting weapons proliferation might reduce the number of school massacres, it will also produce more suicides, accidental shooting and shooting resulting from domestic incidents. Gun owners and Gun not-owners approach the issue from two different viewpoints that will need to be reconciled in order to reduce gun injuries. Gun owners like guns because it gives them a feeling of security and independence. For gun not-owners, guns are a form of oppression that replace the rule of law with rule of force.

  • Juanster

    Hey Ted, After reading your comments I was reminded of the following old quote from Don B. Kates, Jr.:

    “Gun prohibition is the brainchild of white middle-class liberals who are oblivious to the situation of poor and minority people living in areas where the police have given up on crime control…. Secure in well-policed suburbs or high security apartments guarded by Pinkertons (whom no one proposes to disarm), the oblivious liberal derides gun ownership as “an anachronism from the Old West.”

    Wyatt Earp indeed!

  • Harold

    @Juanster – from what i know as a life-long Oakland resident and what i read in the BANG after each senseless murder in Oakland – you are wrong! People of tired of the violence and want as many guns off the streets (and bedroom dressers) as possible.

  • Juanster

    Hi Harold, I was born and raised in Oakland. Maybe we unknowingly bumped into one another at the Eastmont Mall back in the day when you could go there during the day? I once taught in a Richmond ‘war zone’ not dissimilar from those found in Oakland, but maybe that was before those therein became “tired of the violence” – too tired’ to confront it in their own home with a gun from the night stand? Perhaps they’re now soooo ‘tired’ they don’t mind falling to sleep and never waking up?

    Time to call it a night, or a day, or the end of a tired life too tired to fight?

    Phone 911 for the body bag.

    Nighty night Harold.

  • Nextset

    Phone 911 and you get put on hold. Then told to file your story with online reporting.

    I was recently talking to a silly woman who thought we should just ban rifles…

    Ask the Koreans how important their guns (assault weapons) were during the Rodney King Riots. And ask them if the police ran in to protect them. Ask the same questions to the victims of the rape/robbery gangs at the Katrina Riots.

    Handguns have a place in the scheme of things but you need an assault rifle for home protection (Shotguns with a variety of loads are nice but clumsy). Smart money is under no illusion of what “protection” you can expect from 911 in the event of a civil disaster/disorder. In case you haven’t heard, there is a run going on for these guns.

    It is abundantly clear that this government will not maintain order any more – especially in a black/urban/leftist mob situation. Some of you may have known people who got their rifles and went to their buildings to stand guard during the Occupy Oakland rioting. In LA the Koreans go to their rooftops. They will be able to kill anyone approaching their buildings with a lit firebomb. 911 won’t be there.

    Back to the school situation. Again, many childen are not high value and nobody is going to spend police officer money protecting them. Many children are (high value) and they will be protected – already are. We know which animals are worth more then which – and their cars too. And by “high value” I mean high value to people who count (generally not a bunch of single mothers and their fan base).

    As far as putting armed peace officers in “every” school – including the low value population’s schools – never going to happen. You know why? because the police aren’t wanted and no one is going to pay to send them where they aren’t wanted anyway.

    If the cops are in the school it throws a huge wet blanket on all the typical behavior such as drunk parent coming around to curse out the teachers, all the criminal threats against teachers and staff, narcotics and contraband, sexual activity and all the endless lifestyle choices that are incompatible with a peace officer presence.

    So even thought the teachers might want it, the students and their parent won’t. Gotta keep it real you know!

    Save the cops for the white schools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BridgetheChasm Charlie at Bridge the Chasm

    Barbara Boxer (I believe) in proposing gun control legislation sighted some interesting statistics. Last year (or some recent year) there were ~9,600 gun related murders in the US. Since and including Columbine, there have been close to 300 deaths by someone with a gun killing at a school (includes Virginia Tech and IKOS (sp?) in Oakland). If the Colorado Movie theatre, the Gabby Giffords event and similar killings are included I’m sure the number would be 500 senseless, horrible deaths. Of the 9,600 gun murders per year 60-90% are in the inner city. At 6,000 per year, 84,000 have ben killed in the inner city. In addition to the killings, there have probably been 1,000,000 inner city youth who were arrested for their first felony, including off the charts aggravated assaults, armed robberies and rapes.

    Maybe gun control is good, maybe not. Either way, the 1,000 (is it only 500?) African American boys who drop out of Oakland Schools each year because they have learned virtually nothing, will have no future and are effectively “dead” when they drop out.

  • Juanster

    DEMAND A PLAN! (Warning: Contains gratuitous violence!)