American Indian schools’ charter revoked

Alleged corruption in leadership weighed more than excellent test scores and perfect graduation rates when the OUSD board voted 4-3 in last week’s meeting to revoke the American Indian Model charter schools’ charter.

It took one tip more than a year ago; five months of investigation and auditing; $3.8 million of questionable spending that accuses director Ben Chavis and his wife, Marsha Amador of taking that money for themselves; endless pleas from AIMS students, parents and teachers to keep the school’s charter regardless of what may be happening on the business end of running the charter schools; and one vote to shut the operation down.

There are plans to repeal the board’s vote. If the county and/or the state uphold the board’s vote, the vote will take effect on June 30.

Would it have been as hard of a decision to make if the students weren’t performing well?


Read Angela Woodall’s coverage of the meeting’s vote here and here.

Also, Andrew J. Coulson’s editorial about why closing the schools is a mistake.

Here is a look at Katy Murphy’s past coverage of events leading up to the final vote last week.

Serena Valdez

  • Luis Mota

    Noel Gallo said it right: Sup Smith, you also have budget issues that should be looked into…
    What parents are fearing is being thrown into the circus described in this report


    I, for a fact, would not want my children there… and it is well known that Smith and other top admin and officials have their children well shored up in the hills or in private schools…

  • Observer

    Well, to be fair–and I’m not a fan— London’s kids go to their neighborhood schools. Yes, one is Chabot but the other is Claremont and they will go to Tech. Hodges kids have never gone to an OUSD school, only Berkeley, Alameda and private for them. But now one works in a public charter—KIPP. Gallo went Catholic the whole way. Spearman used her neighborhood schools. Her replacement? Private. Smiths kids are at Crocker. Their neighborhood middle is Brewer, so we’ll see if he stays and sends them there. It’s interesting how the two white people are the ones who utilize public schools.