Update: Tony Smith and AIMS

At 6 p.m. tonight, the OUSD board is expected to speak publicly for the first time about the resignation of schools superintendent Tony Smith last week. There is nothing on the agenda but the board will say a few words and maybe we should expect some public comment.

In the meantime, at 5 p.m., AIPCS teachers will be “laying all details on the table” about efforts to oust AIMS board members Jean Martinez and Nedir Bey.  The teachers have invited parents and the public tonight (at the AIPCS II campus, 171 12th St.) to hear why the two should leave the board — as of tomorrow, Thursday. I can’t get to the rally tonight because of a breaking story and the OUSD board meeting at 6 p.m.

“Our goal is to inform the public, and put pressure on Dr. Jean Martinez and Nedir Bey to resign,” an AIMS teacher wrote in an email about their efforts.

Bey and Martinez are allies of former AIMS Director Ben Chavis, accused of fraud by state auditors. The OUSD board yanked the schools’ charter on March 20.

As long as Martinez and Bey are on the board, the thinking goes, Chavis is not far behind pulling the puppet strings. And as long as that’s the case, AIMS doesn’t stand a chance of keeping its charter. The teachers and other board members blame Bey and Martinez for standing in the way of hiring an outside consultant to get the AIMS finances in order. It was one of the key requirements of the OUSD board and may have cost them the charter.

“In order to bring Chavis down and hold him accountable for his actions we need to remove these two members from our school board,” the teacher wrote.

If the Alameda County Board of Education declines to overturn the OUSD revocation, AIMS can go to the state. That will be playing out in the coming months. But about a 1,000 pupils, their parents and teachers might not know the fate of the charter until summer break.

Bey is the “spiritually adopted” son of Your Black Muslim Baker founder Yusuf Bey. In 1994 Bey (Nedir) was charged with abducting and torturing a man who ran afoul of the bakery. He pleaded no contest to a felony charge of false imprisonment. He launched a failed health care company with more than $1 million in city money he never repaid. He also received public financing for a 2002 run for City Council. He was once a school site council leader at Fruitvale Elementary School. He used his birth name Victor Foster in documents filed to open a public charter school in West Oakland that he later withdrew. BART awarded him a contract for lighting work but had to reverse the decision because Bey had none of the required licensing and bonding.

But I am curious about business and other ties he and Martinez have to Chavis and I’m betting there are some of you who know a bit more.




  • oaklandedlandscape

    Good for AIMS. This is a good move on their part and will hopefully convince the county. Bey and Martinez are connected to Chavis through business and family. If the school community asks them to leave to possibly save the schools, you would have to question their motivations if they said no. It is an unpaid and non-elected role. Go on your way Bey and Martinez before the DA and feds come. And they are coming very soon. This case was 200K and they are facing serious jail time. Spare change compared to Chavis –


  • Jim Mordecai

    Suppose the AIMS Board wins an appeal on revoking their charter by either the county or the state board of education.

    Wouldn’t the charter have attached to it the liability of the illegal diverting of Federal and State money by Dr. Chavis? Won’t a revoking of the charter leave such liability behind?

    Jim Mordecai

  • Nontcair

    pressure on Dr. Jean Martinez and Nedir Bey to resign ..

    Don’t stop there. Put the same pressure on *everyone* making money off public education.

    You could start with those listed in that weighty OUSD telephone directory.

  • http://none j dock

    It sounds like the people serving the students’ achievement no longer care about that. In my opinion, I think resignation is an adequate proposal. I mean if any person of public service is no longer serving the interest of the public isn’t it time to go? Bring in new people and new hope..just my thoughts

  • In and out

    Oh boy, what a night to present the famous quality review of schools! The night of the big explanations! Montes de Oca, who adores the sound of his melodious voice, presents results with a couple of principals. The good guys. Probably they are not the ones being fired… because one assumes that when you get bad results people are removed right? How about interviewing the outgoing administrators for an opinion on the formative nature of the process, just to keep it balanced the way Tony says that he likes it? Scary if Montes turns out to be the insider-successor of friend Tony. He can for sure use his endless, uninterrupted educational jargon to put opponents to sleep. That’s a new diplomacy!
    Not a surprise, Tony constructively interjects with his recommendations and good advice about the process. He likes his voice too. Nobody should ever question that the quitter is earning his bucks until the last day.
    Disappointing is yesterday’s infomercial on NPR at around 5:30pm, a one-sided “interview” to Jill Tucker about the clearly positive balance of the quitter’s tenure. Complementing the Chip Johnson’s laudatory blog. I am curious about the school where these people have their children.

  • J.R.

    Non posted
    “Don’t stop there. Put the same pressure on *everyone* making money off public education”. There is thievery, and then there is legalized thievery. There are many who accept substantial pay and benefits under false pretenses. All public sector pay and benefits must be scrutinized to make sure that the taxpayers are getting their moneys worth(from janitors to prison guards, firemen and politicians, and everyone in between).





    This is relevant because more money for these expenditures means less money for education(I hope everyone sees the connection).

  • J.R.

    One more egregious finding:


    These guys all know the dumb bunny public has short memories, and the real hardworking taxpayers are killing themselves to stay afloat, and support this monstrous public assistance and political aristocracy that we are working indentured slaves to.