OUSD Board’s Gary Yee candidate for acting superintendent

The Oakland Board of Education will host a press conference on Monday April 22nd to announce Dr. Gary Yee as a candidate for the position of Acting Superintendent in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). The Board will formally consider the matter during its next Regular Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 24 when a vote will be taken on the replacement for current Superintendent Tony Smith…Read the full announcement here.


  • Nontcair

    Let me the first to say “Congratulations!”

    The (Draft) Board has really outdone itself this time. What a coup!

    All Oakland taxpayers should feel privileged and relieved that such an esteemed and heroic individual has seen fit to take over.

    I don’t know how much Dr Yee is asking for, but I’m sure it’s a pittance compared to his real value to this community.

    Yee’s salary should be set at $10M [sic] per year. I propose a special tax on private schools in order to pay for it.

  • Nontcair

    Perhaps the only guy more worthy than Dr Yee is that professional moocher who hangs out on the corner of Bush and Battery, but he probably couldn’t afford the pay cut.

  • oaklandedlandscape

    Gary Yee is an excellent choice. Let’s hope the community supports his candidacy. This will allow for stability while to district moves forward with the strategic plan and a long term search. Interesting to note that this would leave his board seat open. Even more opportunity there. Let’s go Oakland!

  • awoodall

    Here is a link to the story http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_23080967/oakland-school-board-member-gary-yee-seeks-temporarily. We’ll have something from the meeting as well, which promises to be long for reasons other than Yee’s appointment

  • jesse james

    Thank you Angela for taking OUSD and this blog on! I hope Serena continues on too–we need this!!!

  • Nontcair

    Yee said he will not collect retirement if appointed as superintendent.

    Look where they come from. Look where they go.

    Local media has written about the financial irregularities associated with PCCD.

    AFAIK, Dr Yee was a PCCD math instructor for a while. His salary was ~$95K.

    Eventually Dr Yee went into administration. From this to Dean to that to V-Chancellor. That sort of thing. I have NO idea what a “Vice Chancellor of Eduction Services” actually does, but from what I can tell, the salary for a PCCD Vice Chancellor is now about $160K.

    Dr Yee *retired* from PCCD in ’08.

    Does Dr Yee qualify for (receive?) a public pension from his “service” to PCCD?

    Would such a pension be defined benefit or defined contribution?

    If defined benefit, would such a pension be figured on his career average salary or say, what he had “earned” in something like his three highest paid years?

    Allowing public employees/retirees to vote in civil elections is foolish. Allowing them to serve in public elected office is just plain crazy.

  • Jones In

    So this is the problem with having a mix of such new members…..Yee was part of the party (along with his crony Chaconas, who sent this district into the death spiral of debt, and under performance. He will lead it to replace a guy like Smith? man…..desperation is a MF. I wonder if Smith realized that all of his work would be jeopardized? I mean…unions loving this move!

    Now he will be replaced on the board correct? Here we go again, get ready for the departures of many current heads and new “Ideas” to begin which of course, means MO MONEY!

  • Elementary Teacher

    1. unions are not loving this move
    2. Although I am not excited about defending Yee, he had nothing to do with the district going into receivership, as the budget issues were discovered very shortly after he was initially voted in, but took place before he was on the school board
    3. you are right about “new ideas,” as I no longer have any faith in education reform, at least OUSD style

  • In and out

    well, it totally befits the district that an education consultant will be the interim superintendent.

  • Time for change

    I hope that The Education Report will be present at Alliance Academy tomorrow morning to report on the demonstration teachers are initiating to highlight the state of emergency at this school regarding violence. When schools become the source of crime and violence within a community instead of the solution, there is clearly a problem. These teachers are brave for stepping up after the district pushed out a number of teachers last year after they spoke up about lax discipline policies and a lack of administrative leadership.

  • http://ousdblog mark

    With all due respect.

    I have watched the videos of the school board.

    I believe Dr. Yee chairs the school board meetings.

    I would support him if he would be a good “bean counter,” and hold people

    responsible for their job duties. I would support him if he would embrace

    a simple check off list of holding administrators to what their job duties

    are to be.

    I am not interested in a jazzy, uplifting, energetic, person, like the lady who

    ran the Washington DC school district. Boy can she talk, but the methods

    of how things were run were awful in my opinion.

    So, if Mr. Yee is to be the leader, I would ask that his pay be cut to $250,000 and

    that he have an assistant hired at $100,000. Together, I would ask that they

    make all things transparent in what is expected from all employees at O.U.S.D.

    I would ask that if people do not uphold what job duties they have agreed to do

    then a negative letter of non-compliance be put in their file with the school

    district, which could lead to having them lose their job.

    Change. Positive change will come, only if simple, straight forward, clear,

    reachable goals are set and agreed to for all. Oakland Unified School District can

    no longer afford to do business as usual, instead business must be done

    in clear ways that impact all with strength and value.

  • http://ousdblog mark

    To Awoodall (person who created this post and others for this blog)

    could you please try to include a picture of Mr. Yee in the top of the post. Pictures

    are valuable and make the blog even better, and that is hard to do.

    thanks, just a suggestion.

  • Nontcair

    #11 wrote: .. I would ask that [Yee’s] pay be cut to $250,000 and that he have an assistant hired at $100,000.

    #11 obviously believes Dr Yee to be worth every penny.

    I would ask #11 to open a 100% private school — funded *entirely* through tuition/donations — and recruit Dr Yee (and his $100K assistant) to oversee it.

    [shaking my head ..]

    How many $150K+ 2nd Assistant Deputy Superintendents does OUSD employ already?

  • awoodall

    The board will decide his pay sometime between now and July 1 when he takes over. Took a minute to vote 6-0.
    It’s official. Story will be up soon.

  • Nontcair

    A homeschooling lady with ~19 kids has a reality show on cable. I don’t think she ever went to college.

    Her kids get along well, they know how to read, etc.

    She necessarily also operates a cafeteria, a bus company, a custodial service, and a counseling center.

    OUSD should hire someone like her.

  • J.R.

    It all starts in the home, spending money on schools wont help at all. Just wait till Jerry shifts all the money to districts with poor & ESL kids, then we will all suffer together(equally)like good communist comrades.

  • In and out

    It´s now time for all courtiers and buffoons to flock around him, flatter him and become best buddies to keep their jobs.

  • jones in

    Many , many heads have come through and rolled out of Oakland….and many more will in years to come….the constant has been FAILURE.

    Old wine , new bottle……and some will sip, others will get drunk. Those will be his staff.

    Same old s—! Soon as kids hit middle……its time to go!

  • gee yu

    hey there are alot of people leaving special ed has any one herd

  • Kid Row

    To me Yee just can’t be Superintendent unless he can prove he has something to say about moving us Forward. And Fast. He has been on the school board for 10 years now and this what we have seen from him in 2012: Cut cut cut, doesn’t support teachers, brains behind the school closures, charter school and corruption pass through, downright bitter, undemocratic and non-confersationable. In the past year Yee has been missing at the least — misguided or corrupted towards supporting failed policies at the most. When the School Board says they want to stay the course and keep things the same – there is no better choice than Dr. Yee. The Best they can do is make him Superintendent and fire him. Just make sure we replace his Board seat with someone capable.

  • http://ousdblog mark

    Appreciate all the fine comments:

    What I think needs to happen is more accountability needs to take place at O.U.S.D.

    The school board is overworked with all the bogged down issues.

    So, I think the wage of $250,000 for a temporary Superintendent should be done

    and I think that person needs an assistant to hack through all the work necessary

    to make things accountable. This means going over all the job duties of all

    the assistants that Mr. Smith set up etc.

    There is much to be done with regard to setting up clear, transparent, job duties,

    and of equal importance is the time necessary to see if what was suppose to be

    done was done.

    As far as the comment above about Special Education goes, that area in and by

    itself, may need heavy oversight by the temporary superintendent.

    So, I like the idea of the wage cut back for the job of superintendent and the hiring

    of a well qualified helper who is above reproach and can quickly and

    efficiently check for oversight of things done well for all the people

    paid over $150,000 each year at the district office level, not to mention

    all the school leadership.

    My idea is good and I hope the board members read this blog.