Oakland Teacher Honored in Race for National Teacher of the Year

I’Asha Warfield, a seventh grade teacher Frick Middle School, was honored today as a California nominee for the National Teacher of the Year Award.

Although not among the finalists or beating out Jeff Charbonneau, a Washington teacher who received the award, Warfield was the only California teacher nominated for the national award. The English teacher is one of five teachers who were recognized as Teacher of the Year for California.

Go here to see the article about Warfield.

Go here to see more about Charbonneau.


Serena Valdez

  • Steven Weinberg

    Ms. Warfield is a wonderful teacher and is fully deserving of this award. Credit should also go to the principals who have led Frick during her years there, Jerry Wolf, Calvin Criddle, and Jerome Gourdine. They helped her develop, and they created the type of school that attracts and supports excellent staff members.

  • Nontcair

    Which OUSD teacher was nominated for the National *Worst* Teacher Award?

    Considering how far skewed to the (statistical) left the OUSD teacher performance curve is, that would be a very competitive contest indeed.

    The bottom 80% should be fired, with the money retained therein immediately REBATED to taxpayers.

  • J.R.

    dream a little dream………… We are stuck paying for the grandparents,parents and childcare(in school or out). We are running out of people who actually work,pay taxes that pay the bills for all the dependent class here in Libbyfornia.

  • OUSD Parent

    Congratulations to Ms. Warfield.

  • Patricia Jensen

    Congratulations, Ms. Warfield. How wonderful to have you represent our district! Best wishes as you continue teaching.

  • makeitgoaway

    Great job. I hope the entire school is proud to have one of their own honored and that the suits downtown use you and others to model best practices.

    SIde bet- I bet Ms Warfield is a teacherl who does what she thinks is best, instead of what she is told. Smart principals recognize and respect the talent. ..I also bet she has great relationships with her kids.