“This is not a lecture:” Oakland Youth Forum on Crime and Safety

The original flyer.

The City of Oakland Youth Commission, the City’s Neighborhood Services Department, Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, Strategic Policy Partnerships, and  Councilmember Lynette McElhaney will facilitate the Youth Forum on Crime and Safety on Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 4:30-7:30pm. The forum will take place at Laney College at 900 Fallon Street in the Forum Lecture Hall (off 10th Street). This forum is one of the six town hall meetings with the consultants of the Strategic Policy Partnerships which took place throughout the City this spring.

These town halls are intended to seek input from residents about the community’s public safety priorities as the Strategic Policy Partnership consultants develop a comprehensive crime reduction and suppression strategic plan.

Questions for these small groups will include:

  • · What do you want to see the police do differently?
  • · What can young people do to make Oakland safer?
  • · If you were a police officer, what would you do to earn people’s respect and trust?


  • Jesse James

    Will the wrongful death suit that Tony Smith is involved in be discussed? Will the site leadership changes that will be made be discussed? Will campus security or the lack of it be discussed? Finally, will the continued leadership failures at OUSD and OPD and the city of Oakland, their interdependency and lack of unity be discussed?

  • On the Fence

    What wrongful death suit?