Answers about AIMS summer school

As you probably already know, AIMS got a reprieve yesterday that will at least keep the schools operating during the summer session while the controversial board fights OUSD’s decision to yank its charter. Jim Mordecai, who many followers know from OUSD board of education meetings, noted:

The FCMAT audit found problems with the summer program called SAIL. SAIL was a private summer school offered by Dr. Chavis’ company and a conflict of interest according to the audit report. For new students it was mandatory and thus violation of the California Constitution. Instructors were not paid a salary but paid with scholarships.

Will the SAIL program be part of the summer school? Is there a new summer school or has there been both public and private summer school in the past?

Good questions. Here are the answers from AIMS staff.

1. SAIL program is not being offered this year during the summer session. Instructors who work during the summer session are being paid at their regular pay rate.

2. In the past, there has/have been both public and private summer school. 

The Alameda County Board of Education is set to decide whether to uphold the revocation on June 25. That should be a lively meeting.



Heads up: Special Ed Community Committee meeting tonight

I was planning to attend the Programs for Exceptional Children Community Advisory Committee meeting tonight after writing about the departure of OUSD’s special education director Karen Mates. I can’t make it but there is a lot to talk about from what I hear:

The Special Education Teacher Caucus will be presenting, there will be
discussion about plans for next year’s Special Education program, and there
will be legal advocates on-hand to help staff the break-out consultation
groups (below). The meeting is from 6-9pm
tonight, potluck at 6. Location is United for Success Academy, 2101 35th Ave., and there will be
childcare and Spanish language translation.

1: Setting Strong Goals and Ensuring Academic Progress in the General
Education Classroom
Estableciendo metas fuertes y asegurando el progreso académico de los
estudiantes en los salones de educacion general

2: Setting Strong Goals and Ensuring Academic Progress in the Special Day
Estableciendo metas fuertes y asegurando el progreso académico de los
estudiantes en los salones de día especial

3: Behavior Plans & Behavior Support
Planes para el apoyar el comportamiento y apoyo al comportamiento en general

4: School-Site Concerns—Beyond Special Education Staff
Preocupaciones relacionadas a la escuela—Mas allá de los empleados para la
educación especial

5: Ensuring the Effective Use of Accommodations & Modifications
Asegurando el uso eficaz de los acomodos y las modificaciones

6: Making the Transition to Middle School
Haciendo la transición a la secundaria

7: Making the Transition to High School and to Adulthood
Haciendo la transición a la preparatoria y a la adultez

8: Supporting Special Education Staff (*Intended as a support session for
staff who need their own consultation)
Apoyando a los empleados de educación especial

9: When Everything Goes Wrong: Hitting Up Against the Wall
Cuando todo no funciona y chocamos contra la pared

Many thanks to Stacey Smith for the reminder.