Stability vs. happiness

Eugene W. LauToday in government class, we discussed the current spending trends of classmates and worked it back to how the recession impacted the United States. It showed how a lot of people are spending less, and spending more time with loved ones, and it reminded myself of a question I always ask myself:

For future employment, would I do it for money or happiness?

I’m scared. I’m so scared of taking a job where I’m doing it to support a mortgage and utilities and not to enhance my life. I would love it to do something where I have some talent, and then do it for the sake of my own happiness, but I’m sure that’s incredibly selfish. I argue with my mom at times about my conundrum, and my family’s point is clear. Work for the money, happiness comes with stability. Continue Reading


Titan Pride

Eugene W. Lau is a senior at Oakland’s Skyline High School. -Katy

Skyline High School recently had a unsuccessful after-school rally. It was a repeat of the previous years where misbehavior left seats bare. Last year, thrown water bottles ended the fun, and this year it was from unwelcome guests making an appearance.

However the bigger problem may not even be a short end to a rally of wide mouth cheerers amidst a crowd of dull, emotionless Skyline students; the problem is with school spirit.

Students get a ride, take a bus, or walk up a hill to a school they feel no real pride for. Continue Reading


A High Score

Eugene W. Lau, a senior at Skyline High School, will share his views from time to time on the blog. -Katy

What do you say to the bored masses that mash away on their cellphones in order to match colors on Bejewel or try to get a higher score on Tetris? Does one approach the puzzle gamer nonchalantly and ask “Why?” or does one just ignore the scene?

This is not an attack on people who have found a way to kill time. But the idea of a video game, where the motivation is to keep playing for a high score, may remind one of school. Does the student who plays Tetris do so in order to get a good score? Does a student read and research in order to get a good grade rather than to learn? Continue Reading