So they said senior year was going to be easy…

jonathan trinh…But it turns out to be quite the contrary. All of the hype and raving energy that past seniors exemplified and boasted to the underclassmen turns out to be a false misconception — at least from my current experience.

Walking from the World Affairs Council building in downtown San Francisco the other week testified to my growing understanding that Senior Year is not as fun, exciting, or easy as others had told me. I find myself more occupied and stressed than any other year of high school, in fact. How can a senior high school student find the time to really focus and excel in every facet of academics when college applications and extra curricular activities are beckoning for attention? That isn’t the ideal definition of “the best year of your life.” Continue Reading


In Memory: Skyline mourns loss of math teacher

Jonathan Trinh is a Skyline High School student.

This past weekend the Skyline community endured another devastating loss of a beloved teacher. Mr.  James Delbridge passed away after battling cancer for many years.

Monday morning began with a school-wide notification and touching eulogy by English teacher Mr. Tim Jollymore. Some staff and parents were informed of his passing the day before.

Many students that knew him shed tears as the announcement was made. Teachers were also broken up by the loss. Six substitutes, for instance, were ordered to fill in for teachers that appeared to be absent as a result.

Mr. Delbridge taught math in the Oakland Unified School District for twenty years and was an avid supporter of Skyline. Continue Reading


My summer in Finland

Jonathan Trinh, a student at Skyline High School in Oakland, writes us from Europe -Katy

Of all countries in the world to spend two months I chose Finland, the small (about the size of Montana), northern European country home to Santa Claus and reindeer.

“Why?” is the question that I’m most frequently bombarded with here. Reasons range from getting away from the city life and going on some sort of vacation on the other side of the planet. But the main reason for me to become an exchange student was to learn about how another, and probably the most different, peoples lived and actually experience that lifestyle for myself personally.

I have so many memories and time has seemed to elapse overnight. It’s been the fastest two months of my life — and sometimes the longest days, too, since the sun doesn’t set until very late during the summer. Continue Reading