Calling all student video producers!

Youth Media Festival
image courtesy of KQED and Bay Area Youth Media Network

If you know of a student who is a video storyteller or uses the medium to highlight social issues, this opportunity might be of interest to them. The deadline’s been extended to Sept. 10.

For its first public festival, KQED and the Bay Area Youth Media Network (BAYMN) are seeking youth-produced videos that tell stories or highlight issues of social change.

We are now accepting submissions from youth ages 12–24 who have made video projects in school, in an after-school program, in a summer program, or independently. Projects must be published on a video-hosting site such as YouTube,SchoolTube, or Vimeo. Videos may not exceed 15 minutes and must have been produced AFTER June 1, 2011. The deadline is Sept. 10, 2012.

Prizes will be awarded in both of these categories as well as in the general competition.