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Spotted Any New Wild Birds Flying in Your Backyard This Fall?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 at 1:16 pm in Animals, wild birds, Wildlife.

It’s fall, I live in Benicia, Ca., which is just across the Bay from San Francisco on the Sacramento River, and just down the road from the Sacramento Delta area. My backyard is also right in the middle of the Pacific Flyway, and wild birds travel back and forth above my house as they migrate from one area to another. The best part is when some of these birds stop off in my yard to "refuel" before continuing their flights north or south.

Let’s see … the "red-shafted" flicker arrived a couple of weeks ago and is still screaming from the top of one of my redwood trees. The golden-crowned sparrows and the white-crowned sparrows landed in their little flocks last weekend, along with the "Oregon" juncos. And a male rufous hummingbird popped out of nowhere to start annoying the male Anna’s hummingbird that thinks he owns my yard. Unfortunately for the Anna’s, the tiny rufous can fly rings around it. Soon, I’ll be lying awake at night listening to the big flocks of honkers as they cruise by above my yard heading for the Delta. I’m still wondering what happened to the orioles. They’re usually here by now, sucking my hummingbird feeders dry.

Hey, can you tell I like the fall? What about you? Anything new in your yard?

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4 Responses to “Spotted Any New Wild Birds Flying in Your Backyard This Fall?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Hi Gary,
    For several months now we have three immature Kites in the neighborhood !
    They are so beautiful and have such an interesting voice.
    A young mockingbird who is just learning has started mocking them.
    We hope they stay around and nest here next spring !!!

  2. Jane Says:

    Yesterday morning I saw two goldfinches in the trees by my feeders. I filled the goldfinch feeder with thistle and by afternoon, there were a few more. This morning I have a flock of them, eating thistle at an alarming rate. I love them, and I’m hoping they plan on staying the winter.

  3. Pat in Antioch Says:

    I think my finches must have migrated to Jane’s yard! I used to have SO many & the feeders would empty at an almost alarming rate. About a month ago they just up & left!! The feeders are still full & I’m hoping they’ll be back!!

    Pat in Antioch

  4. Deborah in Livermore Says:

    Hi, Hope you come back to read this, it’s been awhile since you first posted it, but I kept forgetting to sit down and write. Anyway, for the 4 months since we moved here, there have been these very loud, large coastal looking birds in a huge tree a few houses down. They would make all kinds of noises, day time and the middle of the night! It wasn’t till that past couple months I started noticing a ritual every evening as the sun set. They fly away sometimes one, two or three at a time and they make a barking noise. I have counted up to 12 and 13 coming out of the tree! They have a large wing span, mostly whitish/grey coloring. I’ve tried looking them up, but I’m still not positive what kind of bird they are! Any ideas?

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