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Raking leaves? Watch out for Pacific treefrogs.

By Gary Bogue
Monday, November 7th, 2005 at 1:17 pm in Amphibians, Pacific treefrogs, Wildlife.

I spent most of Sunday morning raking leaves up from my patio. The weather forecast was for rain and I didn’t want to deal with piles of soggy leaves. They were already pretty damp because the nights have been moist lately.

Once I got a decent pile of leaves, I started scooping them up with my hands and tossing them into a large plastic garbage bag. As I grabbed my first handful, I spotted some movement and found myself looking down into the sleepy eyes of a Pacific treefrog, the tiny amphibian with the BIG voice. I carefully separated the little frog from the leaves and released it next to the bird bath, where the scrub jays always keep the area wet with their daily bathing.

By the time I had all the leaves loaded into the bag, there were six treefrogs hiding in the plants around the bird bath and croaking their little heads off, a cappella.

They sounded so great, it inspired me to dump the leaves back on the patio and go through them two more times to make sure I hadn’t missed anybody.

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One Response to “Raking leaves? Watch out for Pacific treefrogs.”

  1. Annette Shirley Says:

    That’s a little scary. We don’t rake our leaves. We just gobble them up in the lawn mower. We finally landscaped the yard in my Antioch house, in order to sell the house, and now I am finally hearing the ocassional tree frog. I think I am hearing them in the rose bushes though, so I hope I am not massacreing any while mowing the yard.

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