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The Color of Fall

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 at 1:26 pm in color, Fall, Seasons.

Joan Wright takes a colorful look at fall. I lead with her letter in today’s newspaper column in the Times, but thought I’d also like to include it here to hopefully give it a wider audience. I like what she has to say about life.

Dear Gary: It happened once again. I was caught off guard by that first day of crisp cool air. That air that comes to lead us into and transport us through fall.  That air that seems to make our vision more sharp. Stars glisten in it at night and the daytime sky becomes a brilliant blue.

Each year I know it is coming but am always surprised by when. I love this transition between summer and winter. I love how the squirrel in my backyard changes from a happy lazy buffoon into a serious scavenger with way too much work to do. He no longer has hours to tease my cat, because that crisp air has warned him winter is coming.

I love how my cat begins to plump up even though she is getting the exact same amount of food. Her fur is thicker and more beautiful with each passing day. That crisp air dictates that she now sleeps curled up instead of stretched out.

But I appreciate the crisp air most for the COLOR. This time of year you have to dig deep to come up with color words special enough to describe what you see. Some trees seem to change overnight and others leaf by leaf. But the result is the same: russet, golden, auburn, burgundy, vermilion, scarlet, ochre, saffron and the list goes on.

Odd how that crisp cold air seems to magnify the brilliance of those colors and everything else that is part of this transition we call fall. (Joan Wright, Concord, Ca.)

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