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Contra Costa County Dangerous Animal Ordinance Approved

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 at 3:54 pm in Animals, Cats, Dangerous Animal Ordinance, dogs, Pets.

I attended the public hearing for Contra Costa’s new Dangerous Animal Ordinance at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the county supervisors chambers in Martinez. The first thing that caught my eye when I got out of the car was the large number of parking spaces that were available around the county building. The last public hearing I was at on any kind of animal ordinance, there wasn’t a place to park for blocks.

It was the same at the public hearing. Two people spoke about the ordinance, a man and a woman. That was it. The hearing was finished.

(When only a few people show up for a much publicized public hearing on a new dangerous dog ordinance, in my opinion that indicates that most county residents support it.)

All five of the county supervisors spoke positively about the proposed ordinance. Glen Howell, the director of Animal Services, pointed out that Contra Costa was one of the few counties in the state that didn’t have a dangerous dog ordinance like this and he said this should have been done a long time ago.

It was moved that the proposed new Dangerous Animal Ordinance be adopted. It passed unanimously.

Once they get things fine-tuned and hammer out the appropriate fees and charges to cover the new ordinance (Dec. 13 supervisors meeting), the county Animal Services Department should finally have the tools to deal with dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs before they hurt someone, not after. That should make a lot of parents and dog owners happy.

Congratulations to the Contra Costa County Supervisors, and all others who had anything to do with putting this new ordinance together, for a job well done.

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6 Responses to “Contra Costa County Dangerous Animal Ordinance Approved”

  1. Annette Shirley Says:

    I would have liked to have been able to attend the meeting and show my support. The city of Antioch has a fairly similar ordinance that was in place when my dogs killed the two cats. Antioch does not have any clause addressing felon ownership, but it has since my incident adopted an additional ordinance that allows for the death sentence to any dog that kills another animal. That ordinance was the result of an incident between two dogs, at least one leashed, in which a pit bull killed another dog. I have mixed feeling about that ordinance for personal reasons, but I have to admit that I do agree with it. Pit bulls are by and large a wonderful breed with some characteristics that are being exploited for harm, and they are no the only breed being exploited for harm. While I hate seeing citizens getting every aspect of their lives regulated, something has to happen to decrease the proliferation of dangerous dogs, be they deliberately created that way or inately dangerous.

  2. Robert Dolan Says:

    My dog is being held in Martinez shelter for a undetermined amount of time (which I am to pay) for an investigation and hearing to see if he is a dangerous animal. My dog has NEVER bit or hurt anyone or any other animal. He was taken from my backyard by animal control. He has tickets for animal at large, NEVER for any other reason.Hes never been to the pound.
    Could you please contact me, I miss my dog and hes been gone now for 2 weeks with no notice of when they are going to have the hearing.
    Please contact me 510-541-0970 anytime.
    Thankyou, I am waiting to hear from you.

  3. Dana Melanson Says:

    letter dated Jan 27th says My dogs have been declared dangerous dogs by antioch animal control. My dogs have never bit or hurt any person/animal.My dogs were picked up December 31,2009. No warnings/complaints, until the day they were picked up. I feel The terms and conditions set are impossible for not only me but any average person living paycheck to paycheck. I don’t have $740.00, plus fees to spay,fees to enroll in obedience/aggressive dog training-complete in 30-days,purchase totally enclosed kennel,install self-closing,self latching gates and doors in a house that i am moving out of with-in 2 months. All fees paid prior to release. I have till Feb 17th or they will be euthanized. They are being kept in small pens and get no-exercise & I am not allowed to see them. My 2 year old son keeps saying Pixie/Karma come home momma? It breakes my heart and I don’t understand how animal control can do this. At the hearing my neighbor said she talked to my husband about the dogs several times. my husband said she never said anything to him. I know that she hated my dogs cause they bark at her when ever she came out side, Makes me wonder… I have never seen my dogs act remotly agressive all they like to do was play with each other. I’m not giving up. I have been going door to door gathering information from anyone that passed by my house and came in contact with my babies. anyone that has had to attend a potentially dangerous dog hearing for there dog in antioch and feels they were wronged please call me at (925)727-1971

  4. Patti Koehne Says:

    My incrediable dog was recently held for 2 months in the city of Petaluma for biting a cat. The townhouse assn. were I lived, fined me over $1,000 dollars, and the city made me pay $1,533.84cents for her boarding while my attorney was working with the city attorney to have my Pittie transferred to a sanctuary out of the state. I paid my private attorney $3,765.00dollars to stay her euthansia, and have her transfer to the sanctuary. I had to go to the county court also, and pay them $170.00 dollars. If you can believe all this expense, but i would do it over again, in a heartbeat, to save my Pit. I love her to pieces, and she is the best. As I don’t condone killing of animals, what my dog did was a natural act, NOT a criminal act. California’s laws are getting so rediculous, a dog cannot be a dog any longer. I have been told that there is a new federal law out now that states, no dog shall be euthanized if the owner can find a rescue or sanctuary that is willing to take ones dog. I have been wronged and feel very violated by the local government whom i have learned to be corrupt. We all need to be very careful in protecting our dogs from others, and especially the governments. Soon I hope to leave California, as our civil rights are going right straight down the toilet. There are many breed bigots out in the world, so please be careful. I would love to speak with you, Patti Call me at (707)364-3799

  5. Dana Says:

    continued from 925-727-1971. The end result from the dog hearing was that the lady in charge of animal control services lied at the hearing, My puppies ended up getting put to sleep after paying animal control services over $1800.00 in fees. They wanted another 1800.00 (that was with the break they were going to give me). Which I couldn’t afford. I feel that Antioch animal control is all about the money and they couldn’t care less about our animals. What ever happened to the no kill laws?? I know people in antioch who have dogs that have bitten and they still have there dogs. I don’t understand why my dogs had to be killed being that they NEVER bit any one or even another animal. They were still Puppies!!!!

  6. chandra crigger Says:

    My dog is now on death row and will be put down tuesday. but he didnt bite the guy. and my dogs were on a leash, his were not… but until I can come up with $1200 he gets put to sleep

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