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Animal Liberation Front or Other Animal Actvists?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, November 17th, 2005 at 12:15 pm in Animal Activists, Animal Liberation Front, Animals.

Anybody out there from the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), or any other animal activist groups, who feels like talking about what’s on your mind these days?

Last time I bantered back and forth with a supposed ALF member in my column was Nov. 18, 1984. I was taking you guys to task for vandalizing laboratories and got criticized for my "total lack of concern for the rights of animals" by "An Active Member of the ALF, Berkeley." The ALF member further stated that "we don’t harm or threaten people." I responded: "How long is it going to be before some nut, caught up in the excitement of the ALF cause, thinks it is justified to plant a real bomb? How are you going to control that?"

That was way too long ago. Things have heated up a lot since then. Buildings burned down, and real bombs have indeed been planted.

Can you still justify your cause, whatever it is? Defining it might be helpful. Just curious.   

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One Response to “Animal Liberation Front or Other Animal Actvists?”

  1. Heather Evans Says:

    On May 21, 2006 Heather Evans will leave Live and Let Live Farm on horseback, and ride to Manatoba, Canada. She is doing this long distance ride to bring awareness to the plight of innocent foals, mares and stallions that are being slaughtered.

    Live and Let Live Farm was in the process of placing/adopting a newly closed Premarin farm’s foals/horses in November 2005, which were instead sent to the auction where they were most likely bought up by killer buyers. Not the choice of the Premarin Rancher, but by the controlling drug company’s representatives. This new practice of premarin foals/horses being sent to auctions where they are most likely bought up by killer buyers must be made public for all to know. Ranchers of the premarins, as they are being closed down, are being told they can not work with rescues that instead they must send their foals/horses to the auction even though there are families waiting to adopt them.

    Please support Heather in her effort to bring awareness to the senseless slaughter of PMU foals, mares and stallions by letting people know. – Thank You


    Hello, My name is Heather Evans. My horse, Tux, my dog, Badger. and we may be passing through your state or the state of someone you know, or someone they know on our journey to raise awareness and money to stop the slaughter of horses in the United States and Canada used by a drug company and adopt them out to homes through Live and Let Live Farm horse rescue in NH or other interested rescues. Our journey begins in Concord, NH on May 21, 2006. If there is any way you could pass the word on to your co-workers, friends and family, that would be very helpful. I am taking no vehicle support and am riding alone, so if there is anywhere you know of that I could stop and camp and someone would be willing to have grain, hay, water, dog food, perhaps even a meal for myself, a place to pitch a tent, or maybe even a spare bed, and a shower, it would be greatly appreciated. This journey will take over 4 months and cross more than 2400 miles. Please help in whatever way you can. It will be greatly appreciated. For a more detailed description of this journey, check out my website at also keep a look out for me in your state in May through September of this year. I would also be more than willing to speak to people about horse rescue, my journey or my endeavor, just contact me and let me know. There will be people monitoring and responding to my e-mails throughout my journey.

    If you wish to help but are not on my route or do not have the facilities, please consider sponsoring my journey by donating “A Penny A Mile”… a total of $24.00. A lot of pennies could add up to lives saved. Thank you. All donations can be paid through the tax deductible 501c-3 charity, “Live and Let Live Farm” please note that this should be designated to “Saving the Innocents”… thank you.

    If you respond to this e-mail, please put “Saving the Innocents” in the subject box.

    Heather Evans
    Live and Let Live Farm
    20 Paradise Ln.
    Chichester, NH 03258

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