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A GOOD way to keep cats from pooping in your yard

By Gary Bogue
Monday, November 28th, 2005 at 12:30 pm in Animals, Cats, Pets, Yard.

This is for those who don’t read my daily newspaper column. It’s my answer in my Nov. 18 column to a reader who wanted to know a humane way to keep the neighborhood cats from urinating and defecating in his garden:

"What works for me, as I’ve said before, is the organic catnip patch I planted in a far corner of my garden. (Last spring when I was picking up new tomato plants at the nursery, I also grabbed six 4-inch pots of catnip.)

"Now, instead of using my garden as their favorite outhouse, the cats make a daily pilgrimage to the catnip patch. They sniff, roll, and chew until their brains get confused, then forget about my yard and weave their ways back home to poop and pee on their own yards.

"My system — Gary’s One & Only Diversion (GOOD) — works about 75 percent of the time, which I can live with until I figure out how to improve on it. There’s definitely one very noticeable immediate improvement: My wife and I haven’t dug up any cat poop while we’ve been gardening this year.

"Can anyone top or improve on my GOOD catnip scheme?"

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3 Responses to “A GOOD way to keep cats from pooping in your yard”

  1. Lily Says:

    You may want to try a product called FELIWAY SPRAY. It’s sold a most pet store’s in the bay area. I use it inside and outside. This helps end urine marking within 30 days with a 95% success rate according to the manufactuer statements (clinically proven effective). It is a pheromone spray which reproduces the familiarization properties normally produced by a cat. I followed the instructions, and it really helped settle down my cats.

    The cost is approx. $20 for a bottle, and it will last more than 30 days. I found it better than catnip.

    Good Luck!

    Silver Lily

  2. shannon Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to keep cats out of my yard period.I have dogs who keep getting ill from the cats in my neighborhood,and have one dog who is allergic to cats.Odd I know,but the vet bill is getting pricey for different flea and worm prevention and allergy shots.My yard is about an acre all fenced in,so I need something that will work on large areas and will not harm my dogs. thank you

  3. Anne Doggett Says:

    I had terrible problems with a cat which was defecating every night on my back lawn. I couldn’t keep it out, as it had too many ways of getting in.

    One evening at dusk, I tried putting out a small saucer containing a bit of cat food near the location where I was finding most of the feces. The next morning, lo and behold! the saucer had been licked clean, and no filthy piles of droppings to clear up.

    I’ve been doing this every night since, for three weeks, and it seems to be working as every morning I’m finding that the snack has been eaten and there is no cat dirt.

    My theory is that cats won’t defecate in the location where they eat. Of course, this system probably would only work if there is just one offender.

    I do hope the filthy little beast is going back and defecating in the owners’ own garden instead!

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