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Be sure and vaccinate your outdoor cats for rabies

By Gary Bogue
Monday, December 5th, 2005 at 2:19 pm in Animals, Cats, Pets, Rabies, Wildlife.

If you have an outside cat, even if it only goes outside occasionally, be sure and get it vaccinated for rabies. You can’t be too careful on this. Rabies is a fatal disease.

Contra Costa Times staff writer Sandy Kleffman really pointed that out in the Saturday, Dec. 12, Times in her story about 60 people in the San Ramon, Calif., area who are undergoing a series of five precautionary rabies shots after touching a stray kitten that had the deadly disease.

Outdoor cats are more likely to encounter a rabid wild animal and get scratch or bitten than other pets are, so please get your outdoor cats vaccinated!

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One Response to “Be sure and vaccinate your outdoor cats for rabies”

  1. gene Reffkin Says:

    I regularly bring my two indoor/outdoor cats in to the VIP clinic in Pleasant Hill every three years for rabies shots. However, they – the clincians – are always pressuring me to get yearly shots for distemper and other diseases. They got these shots up until they were three years old (they are now seven). Since then I have been told these other shots are no longer necessary, since they’ve already had them. I had a cat die once from carcinomas caused by it getting leukemia shots yearly. So, my question is, are the three year rabies shots enough for the rest of their lives?

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