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Speaking of listening to pets …

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, February 1st, 2006 at 12:51 pm in animal communication, Animals, Cats, Pets.

Scroll down a little bit and read my January 24 entry, "Listen to what your pets have to say." Our story continues.

When Lois and I brought out the wool comforter to help keep our cat, Tut, warm on these cold nights, we thought that would solve his problem of being too cold and I guess it did. Unfortunately, it also created a new problem: Wool Comforter Envy. Newman, our tuxedo Maine coon cat had it.

When I got the comforter for Tut, I didn’t stop for a second to worry about Newman. His mass of long, black hair keeps him from ever getting cold. Newman could sleep on a frozen lake and be happy. But he’s not sleeping on a frozen lake these days. He sleeps on the couch next to Tut, and he doesn’t have a wool comforter to sleep on.

I first discovered the problem when I came downstairs to go to work yesterday morning. Newman was sleeping on the wool comforter. Tut had been sitting outside our bedroom door, grumbling. When I got home from work last night, I could hear the thunder of galloping "hooves" as the cats chased each other around the house. Newman weighs 18-pounds and sounds like he’s wearing cement shoes when he walks. When he runs he sounds like a herd of bison.

Newman and Tut were standing nose-to-nose hissing at each other when I walked into the room. The wool comforter was on the floor next to them.

"Stop!" I said. Presto, no cats. Funny how that always works.

I picked up the comforter and put it back on the couch where Tut always sleeps. Then I went and got a red wool blanket out of the closet and stretched it on Newman’s pillow.

Now Newman has a bright red blanket and Tut doesn’t. Boy is he happy.

And the best part? Tut doesn’t care.

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2 Responses to “Speaking of listening to pets …”

  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    Critters….gotta love ’em!! I’ve gone through some of the same envy spurts with my guys…..AMAZING what goes unnoticed for months until one of my cats “discovers” it & then they all want it!! We bought one of those little window beds that no one went near for almost a year. Then Bob moved in.
    Having been a newly adopted outside cat he thought it was pretty neat to be able to watch his former “digs” out the window. All of a sudden that was the most desired spot in the house…so much so that the weight of THREE cats on it one day was more than it could bear. (Made quite the picture too! :-) It’s been braced up now & they must have figured out a rotation; there’s always one cat in it & sometimes 2 but the tumble to the bed made them rethink the 3 cat occupation! It’s happened with other things too (funny how the same cat food is so much better when it’s in someone elses dish too) but that was the most comical!!

    Pat in Antioch


    HOW OFTEN; DO OUR PETS ,do something , even irritating, to get our attention, letting us know , their water bowl is empty, continue to get out, of, what, we think is a warm bed, because they are cold and need to be covered up, they’ll push against you, licking your hand, jump up on you, when your visiting , start annoying you, because they’ve decided it’s time to go to bed, and they want your full attention…., and as any spoiled child…must have it , now.!!!….. sound familiar???being loved unconditional by our pets is one of the most priceless gifts we as humans could ever recieve………. and thank you our higher power, for giving us this gift, may we always treat our fellow critters, and all nature and mankind with the upmost respect and dignity that life deserves…

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