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Go suck an orange

By Gary Bogue
Monday, February 6th, 2006 at 11:57 am in Animals, Cats, fox squirrel, Pets, Wildlife.

If you read my daily newspaper column in Contra Costa Newspapers, you know my readers and I have been having a little discussion about the merits of oranges and orange peel, and of course the smell of same, for keeping cats and squirrels (and other animals?) out of your yard. I got several e-mails suggesting grated orange peel was a good cat repellent. A lady tried sprinkling some around her Christmas tree last December to keep her cat from messing with the tree, and it worked. After I put that in my column, I got 10-12 more e-mails from people who had tried the stuff and thought it worked very well.

Then I got an e-mail from Lisa Windflower from somewhere.

Gary: Regarding the hint to repel squirrels using citrus peel — this is what the squirrels in my yard think of that. ("This" was a photograph of a fox squirrel sitting in a tree eating an orange. Unfortunately I had trouble downloading the photo or you’d be looking at it here. I’ll try to get Lisa to send me another. /Gary)

What you don’t see (in the photo) is the pile of empty orange peels below the oak tree where they eat their oranges. The squirrels eat the oranges, leaving half the peel intact. The rats hollow out the entire peel. /Lisa

So much for squirrels being repelled by oranges and peels. At least, Lisa Windflower’s squirrels.There are always exceptions to everything. Especially when animals are concerned.

OK, I’m hiding under my desk, now. You can start responding to this (click on "comments" below).

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2 Responses to “Go suck an orange”

  1. Carol Garberson Says:

    No one bothered with our oranges until last year when one young male squirrel decided that they were delicious. We spotted him in the trees and carting the oranges around the yard, as well as sitting and eating them on the ground.

    This year it is the camilias – first the buds (bird netting over the plants helped with that, but trapped the squirrels, birds and occasional cat under the bushes so had to be removed) and now one little guy is enjoying pink petal salads and our yard looks like a flower girl has been traipsing through scattering petals. We’ve had them munching on the new grape leaves in the past, but this is a first for flowers!
    Carol, Livermore

  2. yum Says:


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