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My mole friend

By Gary Bogue
Friday, February 10th, 2006 at 1:28 pm in Broad-footed mole, Wildlife, Yard.

I’ve been having this "thing" with a broad-footed mole that recently moved into my front yard. I spotted signs of my visitor a couple of weeks ago when I went out to get the mail after getting home from work. Right there in front of my mailbox, and spilling over onto the sidewalk, was a large mound of sandy soil where the mole had shoved it up out of the way after excavating its tunnel under my yard.

I like moles. They aerate the soil by tunneling around in it and creating air spaces. They also leave raised areas in your lawn from their half-submerged tunneling and that kind of irritates some people. Especially the groundskeepers at local golf courses.

But back to our story. I got one of the 5-gallon buckets from our little garden shed and a trowel and scooped the mole mound into the bucket. The sandy soil barely covered the bottom of the bucket.

That was two weeks ago. The first 5-gallon bucket is now full and I can hardly lift it, a second bucket is full, and a third is almost full; almost 15 gallons of dirt. I have this mental picture of a gigantic cavern that is forming beneath my house.

Today there is another mound of sandy soil in front of my mailbox.

I’m going to have to give this some thought.

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3 Responses to “My mole friend”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I lived in an apartment in a house where the landlord just adored walking around spraying insecticide on everything. When I spied a mole-hill, I worried that he would get out the poison. So, I tried something that some friends suggested: I sprinkled the area with used kitty litter, that smelled strongly of male cat urine.

    Mr. Mole left and did not return. My landlord never realized he’d had an unwanted visitor on the property and did not put out more poison.


    Just a short note, to add to the broadfooted mole situation…take the dirt, that your own personal gardener has cultivated, and use it for your potted plants, add more mulch around the areas where they are the busiest……… seriously, taking cat or dog dodo and putting it in their fresh holes, it will, move them over. Anyway………. best way to keep them from getting in your plants or garden, raise the beds, and use wire in the bottom of the bed,the moles, gophers,or ?can’t get thru and move on….. to make a short story long, I totally sympathize with you, as just the other day, I watched a city, with subburbs, being born,in the middle of my yard and garden,right under my nose … the cat and I were quite intertained…nature and critters, gotta love them, gotta love them…The best part is figuring how to out smart them, and not have to kill them or use chemicals to posion the ground..just think of the challenge it gives……. who’s smarter, and who’s gonna win, using the safest and most natural way………food for thought…S of ES

  3. Barbara Venters Says:

    Would like to know if anyone knows if a dog that catches moles (broadfooted in our area I believe) can get sick from anything (other than if the mole is sick) the mole emits or from his bite. Our Golden Retriever is really good at catching them and only wants to play, does not try to kill or eat them, however, it seems like on days she catches one, for a few hours afterwards she has a cough and acts like she does not feel good, it passes and does not keep her from hunting. Anyone know anything? Could just be allergies I guess!

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