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Where are they taking the elk?

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, February 16th, 2006 at 1:53 pm in Animals, Tule elk, Wildlife.

I received several e-mails in the last couple of days asking me, "What are they doing with the tule elk they captured last Monday (Feb. 13) and are taking away from the Concord Naval Weapons Station?"

The e-mail senders said they had watched TV news programs on the elk capture, and read staff writer Denis Cuff’s story in the Feb. 14 Contra Costa Times, and found no information on where they were taking the elk. "No one said anything as to where they are going," said one.

I don’t know about the TV news shows, but here are paragraphs 7 and 8 from Cuff’s front page story:

"State wildlife managers used the helicopter and 130 people on the ground to begin relocating the elk herd primarily to the Cache Creek National Area near Willows.

"The area will provide elk more space to roam, and get them out of the path of homes and offices envisioned for 5,170 acres on the southern part of the base."

That’s where they’re taking the elk.

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2 Responses to “Where are they taking the elk?”

  1. Martha Hartvickson Says:

    Dear Gary,
    This morning, I am both livid and saddened. I read the article in the CC Times this morning regarding the Concord Naval Weapons Station elk. Maybe you can shed some light on the subject for me. Why in gosh’s name did the elk have to be moved so quickly? Construction is not yet ocurring in fact the article in the Times states that the business and housing development plans are still under consideration! I don’t see where there was a need to move the elk yet.

    I had also watched the KTVU film on the elk being netted and saw one elk that tumbled and tumbled down a hill, once landing on his neck, cringing. These elk didn’t asked to be placed there and they certainly didn’t ask to be moved away. Can’t we ever just leave well enough alone?

    Just needed to vent.

    Best Regards,
    Martha Hartvickson

  2. Karen Kerr Says:

    Dear Gary,

    This morning I read that 3 of the elk died that were being relocated. I saw on the news how they were droping nets on the elk. The elk that they showed was running so fast trying to get away then it went tumbling down. It was such a sad thing for me to see I bet that was the one that broke it’s neck.And talk about stress related ailments.This seemed like such a cruel way to relocate. And another thing, How do they come up with about 5% typically die during relocation. It seemed that they were tring to make them selfs feel that it’s OK that the elk died because of how they did this. And because the elk can’t talk I would like to be able to be ther voice for a moment and say for them, this is not OK! HOW CRUEL.
    And in the paper they said this was a success. I don’t think so, not with 3 deaths.
    Karen Kerr Concord

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