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Purebred vs. mixed-breed dogs

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 at 9:35 am in dogs, Pets.

Dear Gary:
The letter from Brianne Wasserfall (March 3), the 10-year-old girl who found her "perfect dog" at the pound will hopefully turn the public’s attention to the pound again.

In recent years Americans have become fixated with purebred animals while dogs, particularly of mixed breed, are being killed at pounds across the nation for lack of homes. And while this tragedy is unabated, (some) breeders of purebred animals are operating puppy mills, a second tragedy, in which female dogs are sentenced to an existence of one litter after another.

I do not think people realize this or they would give second thought to seeking a purebred. Over the years I adopted two mongrel puppies from the Pinole Pound with great success. Both of terrier-mix, one male and one female, they were "perfect dogs" with great reservoirs of common sense and loyalty.

I find such mongrels, with their mixture of traits, to be superior. Yet in my RV travels across the nation I have seen almost nothing but pure breeds at every campground along the way. What a shame. What a crime. What a waste. (Bud Wakeland, El Sobrante, CA)

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2 Responses to “Purebred vs. mixed-breed dogs”

  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    I’ve owned one purebred dog in my lifetime.
    Sebastian was a white collie. He was a birthday gift from my then-husband who “had a thing” for purebreds. He was a great dog, but he was no better than the many Heinz 57’s I’ve owned before & after. I loved him dearly & can’t imagine life without him, but I’d never own another unless maybe he was a rescue situation. In the meantime, all of my other pets (dogs & cats) alike have been either rescued or foundlings who found their way to my house via the little shingle that the first one must have hung….you know the one; it says “Softie lives here; come on in.” I think that dogs and cats (especially dogs since cats tend to think that we owe them a good life! :-) KNOW and appreciate the fact that we saved them from whatever horrors they faced before. I can see it in my dogs face as she lies sprawled on the couch or across my bed on any given day. Ember (a chow/terrier mix) was one of 5 puppies born in May of ’93. I found her through a friend of a friend. About 2 months afetr I brought her home, I asked if her other siblings had found homes. My friends comment was “You don’t want to know.” It turns out that the people (and I use that term loosely) that owned the mom, moved from their home leaving the mom & 4 babies in the house to fend for themselves. When the didn’t pay the rent, the landlord went by only to find 5 dead dogs in the house. It’s been 13 years since then & I still can’t shake the image of what it must have been like. As the only survivor of her family, I’ve loved Ember enough for all 5 puppies and their mom, and she’s given me that much love in return. It saddens me that sometimes for a dog to be cared for it has to have a monetary value. I couldn’t put a price on ANY of the “mutts” that I’ve owned; they are all priceless! I have to agree that it’s a sad society that sees so many unwanted animals euthanized while their purebred counterparts are purchased at such high prices. Life just isn’t fair…….

    Pat in Antioch

  2. Dick Stagers Says:

    You ever heard of flushable dog waste bags? They are great for our enviromnment as dog waste are diverted from the landfills.

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