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Lost and found kitty

By Gary Bogue
Monday, March 27th, 2006 at 1:45 pm in Cats, Lost and found, Pets.

Many thanks for mentioning our lost kitty, Pandora Jade, in your column on March 17. We were able to recover her! She had explored her way into a cardboard cat carrier being stored in the rafters of the neighbor’s garage and a chair had fallen down over the top so she couldn’t get out!

You can see she is well-named. I was hoping you would have room to print a thank you to Kim Stewart and family of Lafayette in your column. I think their kids would get a big kick out of it, and everybody loves a happy ending. Thanks again! (Virginia Wheaton, Lafayette, CA)

I thought I’d print this letter so all cat owners can take note of how easy it is for their cat companions to get "lost." Cats get locked in garages … driven to another city after they fall asleep in the back seat of a neighbor’s car and then get a free drive to work the next morning … and picked up and taken to a new home by someone who thinks the cat is lost. There’s plenty more, but that’ll do for starters.

Indoor cats live much safer lives.

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