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It’s raining snails and slugs

By Gary Bogue
Friday, March 31st, 2006 at 1:45 pm in Snails & Slugs, Yard.

Hi Gary: So I know the Chinese have different animals that represent different years, could Californians make 2006 the year of the snail and slug? My method of snail and slug control is to first keep damp hiding places to a minimum and then hand pick. A little gross and slimy but it works, well I have picked each morning for a week, and I was feeling like there were no less each day (usually hand picking can work real well). So today I counted in the back yard (standard city lot in Dublin — no open space!) in 5 minutes, 42 snails and slugs. I am beginning to think that it is not raining water but raining snails and slugs … (Kim, Dublin, CA)

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One Response to “It’s raining snails and slugs”

  1. Al Teixeira Says:

    Dear Gary,

    I grew up in San Leandro, but as I’ve grown up, my childhood experiences with snails leaves me a little bewildered as to what I will find waiting for me. I tell my kids hundreds of snails will be waiting in heaven for me.
    One time I gathered a bunch of them and stuck them in water color paint. As they tried to escape, they left a colorful trail, rather messy but artistic. Anyway, I remember my mom working in the garden and coming in saying, “I saw the most unusual thing in the garden, and the snails were leaving different colored trails!”
    Even today, I gather them out of my artichokes and off the grass where they go at night to cool off from a hot day, and place them in our recycle bin. Of course, as time goes by, I check on them and let a few go at a time. I hope I never grow up.

    -Al Teixeira


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