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Ferrets? How many live in California?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 at 12:50 pm in Pet ferrets.

Did everyone read staff writer Denis Cuff’s front page story about the pet ferret underground in last Saturday’s Times? If you didn’t get a chance to read it, you should. You can read it right now at

Ferrets are illegal in California and Hawaii, but legal to own in all the other 48 states. Cuff takes an interesting look at how lifestyles of the owners of thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands (pick one) of ferrets in California are being affected by their pets.

Which raises an interesting question. Just how many pet ferrets do we have presently living in California?

Which of course, as everyone knows, means it’s time for another one of my quickie little non-scientific but always fascinating surveys.

To keep human owners of illegal ferrets from getting into trouble with the law, this survey is for all the FERRETS who are reading this. Please send me an e-mail or a letter with your name and the names of all the other FERRETS living with you and your human family, and the city where you live.

I’ll add up all the ferret names and cities and hopefully we can get a better picture of how many of you "lovable, clever, sociable pets" (ferret owner descriptions), or "dangerous carnivores with sharp teeth" (California Department of Fish and Game description), are out there reading my blog.

I’ve always wondered what kind of ferret following I’ve got.

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8 Responses to “Ferrets? How many live in California?”

  1. ferret lover Says:

    thanks for the help in educating the general public about our little guys plight

  2. Carl & Swiffer Says:

    Hi Gary! We are two cute, friendly and lovable ferrets who live in Miami, FL… our hoomum told us that we have lots of cousins in CA, but that we mustn’t tell anyone where they live.

    Carl & Swiffer

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Gary,
    We couldn’t figure out your email address so we will stand counted here for your survey. We are Bandit, Buddy and Bindi and we live in the Central Valley (our hoomin won’t let us say what city on a public forum). Our hoomin is doing a college research paper about us so she would like to know if you are going to post your survey results?

  4. Lili P. Says:

    Than you, Gary, for starting this poll! Its time for all ferret owners in California to stand up and me counted!!

  5. b. jones Says:

    I am glad to see you doing this…my fear is that so many ferret persons are terrified of losing thier ferrets that they will be afraid to do this. Please all ferrets out there, respond with your name and the names of the other ferrets living with you. You don’t even need to mention your peoples names and you can just name california if you are uncomfortable with giving your city, just make yourselves counted. effers, writing in for possum, mason, wally, ricky, lucy, turo and caponi.

  6. kay Says:

    Hey! Just saw a link to this from my personalized “ferret” category search on my google homepage! :) ( in case anyone wants one for themselves!
    Anyways, lots of people aren’t aware that in the “Capitol of the Free World” (ahem!) known as Washington, DC (where my 3 fuzzbutts hide, named, glacier, sneakers and nova) we provide endless opportunities for the world at large to make immense fun of america’s hypocritical nature by not only of course allowing TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION for any DC residents since although we are larger than 3 other individual states in population [which all have 2 senators and a congressperson], WE HAVE NO SENATORS and our single congresswoman is NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE HER VOTE COUNT … BUT … on top of this fun Washington, DC also still is so moronic as to outlaw ferrets! As if there were any green space left in DC for anything left to survive much less ferrets who die in a day from dehydration! Why not do the same for cats since they CAN actually survive as “feral city cats” instead of immediately perishing if they suddenly find themselves escaped out of a caring and knowledgable home!

    UGH! The worst part about it all is in DC, we have the wonderful benefit of meeting lots of people in daily life from all over the world, but this becomes torture as each one finds such things like these out and then gets to act all high and mighty!

    Ah well!
    –Kay in Washington, DC

    ps. on a more positive note, in recent years our dc government systems have improved to become actually decent in many ways and even responsive so if even a small number of citizens collected together, I’m pretty sure we could get this stupidity changed unlike I hear is likely for you all in CA. :( But of course which of these “residents” are going to risk their own fuzzes’ welfares in this era of government abuses? You never know what kind of crazy person has exactly what power and even when it is over-ruled later, it could be too late! I wonder how they did it in NY! hum…

  7. twosdogbarking Says:

    I was driving from Arizona into California. Border security stopped me at the state border and asked me if I had any of the listed contraband on the sign. “No,” I said, “just a trunkload of ferrets.”

    The guy smiled and waved me through.

  8. thebizofknowledge Says:

    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. I actually didn’t realize that ferrets are illegal to own in California; is there a reason behind this, considering all the other states that allow them?

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