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Loss of habitat

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006 at 12:36 pm in Ecosystem, Habitat.

Dear Gary,
What is going on in the foothills west of Dublin, north of 580? What a mess! The mountains are being transformed drastically. It looks like a strip mining area! Green valleys where hundred of old oaks once stood, are completely trenched out! Lush green areas in these small valleys are bulldozed to death. Areas where foxes made homes and deer would graze and rest, are gone. I’ve seen small deer standing on the freeway eating green grasses, forced there because of the destruction of their habitat.

Who did the environment impact study on this one? (John Braucht in cyberspace)

Dear John:
It’s called development. As it appears in Webster’s New World Dictionary, "development" is defined as, "a step or stage in growth, advancement."

Sadly, the words "destruction of habitat" don’t appear anywhere in that definition.

Who wrote the EIR for the project? Not the deer or the foxes or all the other wild creatures that got evicted one bright sunny day, just ahead of the bulldozers. Screaming is permitted.

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