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Hot days and melted cats

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006 at 1:00 pm in Cats, Hot Weather.

I found two new rugs spread out on the hardwood floor by the table in our family room when I got home from work the other afternoon.

The rugs were soft and fuzzy. One was light brown and the other black with fancy white markings in kind of a modernistic design.

It was a very hot day, about 95 degrees outside and in the mid-80’s in our family room. I turned on some fans to get the air moving and decided to try out the new rugs. I took off my shoes and touched one of my bare feet on the brown rug, my toes gently sinking into the soft, furry warmth.

Two eyes opened on one side of the rug.


Melted cat rugs.

On really hot days, cats melt onto hardwood floors so they can absorb every little bit of coolness from the wood.

The fuzzy black rug was staring up at me with two bright yellow eyes.

It was really hot.

"Move over guys," I said. "I want to make another rug."

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One Response to “Hot days and melted cats”

  1. Pat in Antioch Says:

    Hey Gary,

    I have 3 similar rugs in my kitchen!! The 16 year old rug though is still a heat seeker following sunbeams & then looking perturbed when she gets too warm! Cats (er…I mean rugs) gotta love ’em!!

    Pat in Antioch

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