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Cooling tips for hot pets

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 at 1:12 pm in Hot Weather, Pets.

Please tell your readers to be aware that their dogs may want to go out for a walk or a run in the late afternoon or even early evening when it appears to cool down, but note that the pavement is much hotter and stays hot long after the air above has cooled. It may be comfortable 5½ feet above the asphalt, but at the two foot level, where your dog is, it’s still scorching. Not to mention their pads can still get burned. Thanks for telling people. (kristine, cyberspace)

I keep a bowl of water in the bathtub, since that is always the coolest spot in the house, and make sure the water in all their bowls is changed frequently through the day.

One cat likes to nap in the top box of the cat tree and the other likes to nap on my bed. I put the cat tree just a little to one side of the ceiling fan and keep a small fan focused on the bed. They can lay there if they want or they can move away and come back as it suits them. One spends much of the hot days under the bed, where it is cooler.

Get them playing in the evening. It may be too hot to move much in the heat of the day, but they still need some exercise. Of course, Saturday evening was still too hot, so they played on Sunday morning. (Mildred Kirkwood, Livermore)

Sunday, I found a way to cool down my cat, Boston, when the temperature rose to 87° in the house. I dampened a light cloth — just damp, not soaked — and cloth diapers work best. As he was sprawled just out of the direct flow from a fan, I spread the cloth over him, just as I was using damp cloths for myself. He happily stretched out and stayed put until the cloth had dried out. I wet the rag again and he settled back down for more cooling. (Wanda Peets, Concord)

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