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Will this end all the dog killing in China?

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 at 8:31 am in dogs, Killing, Rabies.

Finally, one organization appears to be offering a practical solution to this insanity (at least I hope that’s where it’s going). The continued killing of thousands and thousands of dogs certainly isn’t going to solve anything.

Associated Press writer Alexa Olesen reports today that The Humane Society of the United States said it will give China $100,000 to vaccinate dogs against rabies if it promises to immediately stop the mass slaughter of dogs in areas where humans have died from the disease.

"There are far better ways of addressing rabies control to promote the safety of your citizens, the good reputation of China and the welfare of dogs," Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS, said in an open letter to China’s ambassador in Washington.

According to the AP story, HSUS said the money was conditional on China agreeing to stop the mass killing of dogs and accepting the group’s help in establishing a nationwide rabies control program that relies on vaccinations.

It’s great that HSUS has stepped forward to try and help China deal with its rabies problem(s), but $100,000 is just a tiny drop in the bucket in that enormous country. Even if China chooses to accept the money, this has got to be the start of something BIGGER to really work. The BIGGER question, by the way, is where is the World Health Organization?

Rabies, a fatal disease, is a serious problem around the world, especially in developing nations.

There’s more below if you’re not familiar with this on-going story.

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One Response to “Will this end all the dog killing in China?”

  1. brigette Says:

    I hate China. The Chinese government is a savage communist octopus that is going to take over the world. I would not be surprised if they collected the murdered dogs and skinned them for fur that they would then send to the U.S in forms of inexpensive jackets or “fancy” stuffed animals. The United States is way to dependent on China and its “cheap” imports. We will all pay much higher price in the future. I make a point to never buy anything made in China if there is another option. (why support such a nasty country?)Unfortunately options are getting scarce. SAVAGE BEASTS

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