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California Gov. signs bill to protect pets in hot cars

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 at 1:11 pm in Hot Cars, Pets.

Sorry I missed you! I’ve been on a trip to Panama for the last 12 days and starting on Thursday (tomorrow), I’ll be writing about some of the things I saw and did.

I’ve been wading through the big pile of e-mail I found when I got back this morning and discovered that a very important bill — Senate Bill 1806 — was signed into law by California Governor Schwarzenegger while I was gone. The purpose of SB 1806 is to protect dogs and cats in hot cars by prohibiting the endangerment of "animals" in vehicles exposed to heat or cold. That’s wonderful! This legislation is LONG overdue. Too bad this bill exempted "agricultural animals," including horses, if in vehicles designed for their transport. I expect those animals can get pretty hot, too, when being transported in the middle of summer. Maybe next time?

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  1. Kim Says:

    That’s great news!

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