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Altamont windmills kill raptors

By Gary Bogue
Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 at 7:49 am in Raptors, Wind Turbines.

Dear Gary,
I am a volunteer at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum hospital (in Walnut Creek, Calif.). In the last two weeks we have had to euthanize three golden eagles and many other birds of prey that have fallen victim to the (Altamont) windmills. Too often the windmills chop them up so bad it is impossible to save them.

I know the windmills are shut down in November but the migration period obviously starts sooner. I wonder if it would harm our energy production to shut the windmills down just one month earlier so it would avoid the migration completely, and then turn them back on again another time of year when there is no migration to compensate for the month lost?

My friends have suggested a petition to re-schedule the windmills but I don’t know how effective it would be. I want to know what I can do to help the situation of the migrating raptors. (Liz Wakeman, cyberspace)

Dear Liz:
You’re helping now by sending me your letter to publicize this problem. Hopefully this will stimulate some response from my clever readers with suggestions on how to stop the killing.

Anyone have any ideas?

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2 Responses to “Altamont windmills kill raptors”

  1. Kaila Says:

    I’m so sorry about the eagles. That is so sad i feel really sorry about that! I am doing this thing in science and we are having a debate about why or why not should we have windmills…

  2. Dan Says:

    You complain that these windmills kill birds. But what about the birds that got killed in November 2007 from that oil tanker leak? Oil that could have very well been being brought in to compensate for the lack of energy being produced by the non-operative wind farm. Not to mention we have to increase the use of coal and natural gas plants during that time, there by pumping even more green house gas into the atmosphere.

    The raptors are getting killed because they more easily spot rodent at the base of the towers because the grass has been cleared away. So why not let the grass grow taller around the turbine towers so that the raptors can’t easily spot prey at the base? But then you come into another Eco issue. Grass fires.

    Maybe instead of turning off turbine during migration they simply find out where the most bird strikes are happening and relocate those towers to another area where they can produce the same amount of power?

    What about the millions of birds that die each year from plane strikes, car strikes, glass windows, and other towers? Are those birds less important? Maybe we should tear down all of civilization and live underground so birds won’t die by our hands.

    Sometimes the needs of the many, out way the needs of the few.

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