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The Times’ goose is back!

By Gary Bogue
Friday, January 19th, 2007 at 9:55 am in Canada Goose.

Every spring for the last few years (three, I think), a pair of Canada geese have nested on a small section of our roof here at the Contra Costa Times at 2640 Shadelands Drive in Walnut Creek.

There’s a little piece of our roof that sticks out above the employee parking lot, right next to the guard shack. Times employees can watch her through an upstairs window in the hallway on the other side of the wall from her nest without disturbing her. (And we do! We’re very attached to our goose!)

Geese often nest on cliffs, so it’s not surprising for a suburban goose to pick a flat rooftop. Goslings, with their thick, fuzzy down, are designed by Mother Nature to bounce safely when they jump off high places like cliffs, hollow trees and low suburban rooftops.

There are several redwood trees right next to mama goose’s roof. Her roof top is covered with dried bits of fallen redwood twigs.

On Thursday, our security guard told me the goose was back, so I went up and looked out the window. Sure enough, there she was, pushing the fallen bits of redwood duff around with her large beak into a round-shaped nest with a big dip in the middle where she will lay her 4-7 eggs and then sit on them and incubate them for the next 42 days.

On Friday morning when I checked, there was still just the empty nest, ready for her to climb aboard and lay her eggs when it’s time.

She is a tough lady. In past years I’d look out the window when I got to work just before dawn, and see her sitting up there all by herself with her head held high in the freezing cold, or wind, or rain, as she peered over the edge of her little roof and watched her friends — the Times employees — arriving at work.

The male goose often stands on a higher part of our roof so he can look down at the nest and keep a protective eye on his mate.

I wonder how many little goslings she’ll hatch this year … after she gets around to laying her eggs?

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