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Prehistoric flying reptile sightings in New Mexico?

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 7:55 am in Bigfoot, etc..

E-mail message of the month:
“Bigfoot” sightings often come in many shapes and forms. Take the one mentioned in the e-mail below, for example.

By the way, pterosaurs, also sometimes called pterodactyls, were flying reptiles. They lived from the late Triassic to the Cretaceous Period. In case you’re interested, that was from approximately 200 to 65 million years ago. It’s highly unlikely that after being extinct for millions of years, pterosaurs would suddenly reappear in New Mexico.

But we must keep open minds about these things.

Dear Gary:
My name is Mike Smith, and I write a weekly column of unexplained and unusual New Mexico history and lore for the New Mexico Daily Lobo.

You can read past installments of the column on-line at

My next column is going to be about a number of intriguing alleged pterosaur sightings in southwestern New Mexico, near the town of Antelope Wells.

I have read on-line that you seem to be a guy to go to with questions about giant birds, unidentified flying creatures, and so forth. So, I’m curious, have you ever heard anything at all about any kind of living pterosaur sightings anywhere within the state of New Mexico?

If you could tell me anything about this, I would gladly provide a link to your site from mine and endorse your writings in my work.

This is a neglected modern legend worth writing about, and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me in my research. (Mike Smith, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Dear Mike:
The pterosaurs mentioned in your e-mail are the first I’ve heard about. I know nothing about any modern day sightings of these creatures in New Mexico or anywhere else in the world.

Can you update my knowledge by sending me the information you have about “a number of intriguing alleged pterosaur sightings in southwestern New Mexico, near the town of Antelope Wells”? (Gary)

Anyone out there in never-never land heard anything about pterosaurs that have been seen anywhere recently?

Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to “Prehistoric flying reptile sightings in New Mexico?”

  1. kathy Says:

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  2. Dr David Hand Says:

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  3. The Cryptozoologist (Randy) Says:

    I am a cryptozoologist with an extensive site on MySpace that includes over 120 articles. My site includes an index to help my readers locate topics. You can find my profile page at the Website address above. You can reach the first page of my index here:
    You will find two articles on this page. The first is ROPEN AND ORANG BATI: THE FLYING “APE-MEN” OF ..SOUTHEAST ASIA..! January 13, 2008
    The following article, while not about flying reptiles, might also be interesting because it focuses on the Southwest: KASAI REX, BURRUNJOR, AND MINI-T-REX: EVIDENCE OF SURVIVING CARNIVOROUS DINOSAURS?
    This one is in three parts and can be found at:

    Randy M.

  4. geekboy Says:

    I am writing this anonymously. I have seen and actually fed the animal in question. I saw it near the four corners area. They are vicious little creatures. The largest was red-ish brown. The two small ones were a sage color. Don’t go looking for these creatures. You won’t find them. I did only on accident. And I know my way around the area. You will get lost and die. It happens every week. Some fool wonders off and gets heat stroke. BTW, they seem to handle the winter better then I would have expected.

  5. girl Says:

    It reminded me of Rhodan out of a Godzilla movie; or a tetadactal from the Flintstones?! All I know is as God is my secret judge, I know what I saw, and it was at least 1,000,000 years past it’ time!!! I t seemed to be just resting. Other people in the area didn’t even notice. It wad just parched on a telephone pole. I am so far from being crazy; it make your head swim!!!

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