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Navy wants to use dolphins and sea lions to protect submarines from underwater terrorists in Puget Sound

By Gary Bogue
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 9:33 am in Animals in military.

While checking the Associated Press wires this morning, I came across a story by Blaine Harden of the Washington Post about the Navy wanting to use of dolphins and sea lions to police Puget Sound waters and “nab terrorists in wetsuits.”

The Navy has about 100 trained dolphins and sea lions, most of them based in San Diego.

There is concern among animal advocates that the Puget Sound waters are at least 10 degrees cooler than Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are used to in San Diego and might harm them. There will be public hearings in March on the Navy’s plan.

In the story, Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist for the Humane Society of the United States, said dolphins, a highly social and intelligent species, should not be held captive for any reason and she objects on ethical grounds, to their being used for military purposes. “They are not reliable soldiers,” she said. “They think they are just having fun.”

A decision on whether Navy dolphins and sea lions will go to Puget Sound is expected to take at least a year, according to Harden.

You can read Blain Harden’s complete story at:

So how do you personally feel about using dolphins and sea lions to guard against and capture underwater terrorists? Is it any different than using police dogs?

Click on “Comments” below and let’s hear what you have to say about the use of intelligent wild animals for military purposes.

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2 Responses to “Navy wants to use dolphins and sea lions to protect submarines from underwater terrorists in Puget Sound”

  1. Stephen Miller Says:

    The use of dolphins and sea lions by the navy is fundamentally amoral and contemptuous of living creatures which are as sentient and capable of suffering as humans, and which may well be as intelligent as us.

    This is not surprising, since war machines in general are amoral and are ultimately in the business of death and exploitation. They do this to humans; why not to the “lower animals,” as they choose to regard creatures which don’t happen to communicate in ways humans care to learn?

    That this is more hysterical nonsense promulgated by an amoral, manipulative Bush administration to frighten Americans with the bugaboo of “Terrorism” is another topic.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yep. /gary

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