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California Animal Legislation as of March 8, 2007

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 7:47 am in Animal protection legislation.

Here are the latest animal-related bills that are trying to become laws in Sacramento. Got a problem with one of them? Would you like any of them to become laws? Let your Assemblyperson or Senator know how you feel. Address for all legislators is: State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814.

Many thanks to Virginia Handley of PawPAC* for compiling this information.

*PawPAC is California’s Political Action Committee for Animals. You can reach PawPAC at 415-646-0622;;

You can obtain official legislative information by going to this web site: By entering the number of the bill, you can access the bill text, status, committee analysis and roll call votes.

AB 31 by Assemblyman Kevin DeLeon re: Urban Parks.
Increases the number of counties who can apply for grants under the Urban Park Act of 2006 by lowering the definition of “heavily urbanized county” from a population of 500,000 to 350,000, thus increasing wildlife habitat.

AB 64 by Assemblywoman Patty Berg re: Emergencies.
Enacts the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, including licensed veterinarians and vet techs from out of state, to allow them to practice in California during emergencies. AB 64 can help to implement last year’s AB 450 to include animals in disaster plans.

AB 222 by Assemblyman Bill Emmerson re: Undomesticated Burros.
Authorizes the capture, removal, and relocation of undomesticated burros from private land at the request of the landowner if the burros are at risk of injury from dangers such as traffic or insufficient habitat. The burros may not be sold for slaughter but may be moved to a sanctuary.

AB 594 by Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally re: Farm Animals.
Mandates farm animals must be able to stand, lie down, get up, move their heads freely, rest, turn around, and extend all limbs and wings by 2013. Exempts farm animals in transportation, research, rodeos, fairs, 4-H, slaughter, vet care, and 7 days prior to pigs giving birth.

AB 667 by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth re: Police Dogs and Horses.
Increases the penalty for anyone who strikes, beats, kicks, cuts, stabs, shoots, poisons, or in any manner seriously injures a police horse or dog from 16 months in jail to three, five or seven years.

AB 670 by Assemblyman Todd Spitzer re: Animal Bites.
Requires an owner of an animal who has bitten someone to provide the person who has been bitten his/her name, address, telephone, name and breed of the animal, and proof of rabies vaccination. The bite need not to have broken the skin.

AB 777 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Elephants.
Prohibits bullhooks, chaining unless for medical treatment, and mandates enrichments, seven feet deep pools, soft flooring, and the ability to walk five miles a day. Requirements on enrichments, pools, flooring, and space do not apply to existing facilities unless they expend capital funds.

AB 815 by Assemblyman Tom Berryhill re: Hunting/Fishing.
Prohibits any city or county from enacting a local ordinance that affects hunting or fishing unless it endangers human life. AB 815 could inhibit Boards of Supervisors from prohibiting anterless deer hunts.

AB 821 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava re: Hunting with Lead Shot.
Enacts the Condor Preservation Act to prohibit lead shot within condor habitat and, as funding is available, provide hunters with free non-lead ammunition.

AB 828 by Assemblyman Ira Ruskin re: Wildlife Corridors.
Requires the Wildlife Conservation Board to determine what areas are most essential as wildlife corridors and utilize the California Comprehensive Wildlife Action Plan to protect those corridors.

AB 912 by Assemblywoman Nicole Parra re: Hunting.
Creates a mentored hunting program that allows anyone to hunt small game, upland game birds, and waterfowl without a license for a year if accompanied by a qualified mentor.

AB 923 by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk re: Wildlife Action Plan.
Requires the Department of Fish and Game to create an advisory committee to implement the California Wildlife Action Plan to protect and conserve nongame species not covered under the Endangered Species Act.

AB 939 by Assemblywoman Nell Soto re: Teachers.
Prohibits the hiring of any teacher who has been convicted of a felony for cruelty to animals.

AB 1016 by Assemblyman George Plescia re: Race Horses.
Allows race horse breeders, trainers, boarders, to sell any horse worth less than $4,000 to pay for unpaid bills without having to go through a court.

AB 1066 by Assemblyman John Laird re: Global Warming.
Requires local governments to consider the impacts of climate change when preparing a coastal program for Coastal Commission approval and requires the Commission to assist them in obtaining grants to defray the cost of mitigating the impacts.

AB 1143 by Assemblyman Bill Maze re: Endangered Species.
Makes a nonsubstansive change to the endangered species law. Amendments should be expected.

AB 1347 by Assemblywoman Anna Caballero re: Pet Shops.
Declares the intent of the Legislature to establish standards of care for animals in pet shops. Amendments should be expected.

AB 1614 by Assemblywoman Audra Stickland re: Rodeos.
Lowers the definition of rodeo from four events to three in order to cover more rodeos, such as charreadas, under existing law requiring a veterinarian, or a vet on call, to treat injuries to animals.

AB 1634 by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine re: Spay/Neuter.
Requires any four month old dog or cat to be spayed or neutered unless he/she is a purebred registered with one of several purebred organizations such as the American Kennel Club or International Cat Association.

SB 353 by Senator Sheila Kuehl re: Restraint Orders.
Authorizes the court to add animals to restraint orders to protect them from possible harm from domestic abuse.

SB 863 by Senator Leland Yee re: Horse Racing.
Expresses the intent of the Legislature to encourage horse breeding to ensure a sufficient supply for horse racing in California.

SCR 9 by Senator Darrell Steinberg re: Spay Day 2007.
Declares February 27 as Spay Day 2007 and encourages spaying and neutering to combat pet overpopulation.

SCR 19 by Senator Gloria Negrete-McLeod re: West Nile Virus.
Declares April 23 to 29 as West Nile Virus Awareness Week. West Nile Virus causes meningitis, encephalitis, and death to horses, avian species, wildlife, and humans.

1416 – 9TH St., Sacramento, CA 95814

Hunting and Trapping Regulations
The Commission has voted to consider banning lead shot In the condor habitat. They also plan to increase “hunting opportunities” for junior hunts, archery hunts, and trophy hunting. Next Hearing: April 12 or 13, Bodega Bay. Write: California Fish & Game Commission. Ask them to include requirements for the humane trapping and handling of “nuisance” wildlife. Support a ban on lead shot, the leading cause of condor mortality.

Turtles and Frogs in Live Animal Markets.
The Commission voted to “go to notice” to pass a regulation to prohibit the importation of turtles and frogs for the live animal markets. But no action has been taken to submit any regulation. Write: California Fish & Game Commission. Tell them to protect our native wildlife from non-native turtles and frogs who are imported by the hundreds of thousands and commonly released depleting populations of native wildlife such as the Western Pond Turtle and the Red Legged Frog.

Siskiyou Mountain Salamander. Oppose
The timber industry wants to delist the salamander as a threatened species. Next Hearing: April 12 or 13, Bodega Bay. Write: California Fish and Game Commission. Tell them the salamander has a limited range and clear cutting is their greatest threat.

Advisory Committee on Humane Treatment of Wild Animals.
The Committee advises the Department on inspection procedures to enforce permit requirements including minimum standards for wild animals in captivity. Next Meeting: April 25, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 1416 – 9th St., Room 1206, Sacramento.

Marjorie Davis Resolution
Marjorie Davis, 86, of Wildlife Fawn Rescue received a Resolution from the Legislature presented by Assemblywoman Patty Berg in appreciation of her decades of work in fawn rehabilitation and for her authorship of “Leap to Freedom” a compilation of true stories. Write: Wildlife Fawn Rescue, PO Box 5, Kenwood, California 95452. Congratulate and thank her for all she has done for wildlife.

For copies of bills:

List compiled by Virginia Handley. 415-646-0622 or 415-474-4021;

** Your donation to Paw PAC, PO Box 475012, San Francisco, California 94147, helps makes this alert possible. **

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