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Menus for preparing your own pet food

By Gary Bogue
Monday, March 26th, 2007 at 9:11 am in Pet food.

Do you make your own pet food? Does it provide the proper nutrition for your pet?

Do you have any good dog and cat food recipes you’ve been feeding to your own animals that you can share with other cat and dog owners who want to stop using commercial pet foods? Can you please recommend any good dog and cat recipe and nutrition books?

Please e-mail the above information to me at Be sure and include your name and city.

I’m getting a lot of correspondence from people who are very concerned about the recently recalled pet food. Even more so now that rat poison has been found in the recalled food.

Here are some typical e-mails:

Gary: This is the second dog food scare in the past year. I am ready to prepare my dogs’ meals not using commercial dog food. Are you aware of a dog nutrition book that would provide guidelines? My plan is to make my dogs’ food and supplement it with a daily vitamin. (Louise Massante, cyberspace)

Gary: Would you have a recipe handy for making homemade cat food until this recall scare is over? Would my cat be getting the nutrition she needs? Thanks! (Joy Berg, cyberspace)

Thanks for helping. I’ll make two lists — Dog and Cat Food Recipes and Pet Nutrition Books — and make this information available to anyone who wants it.

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2 Responses to “Menus for preparing your own pet food”

  1. Holly P Says:

    Hello Gary,

    Bad dog food has me making my own. I have spent hours the past few days looking up and comparing recipes. Raw Food…. Consensus seems to be 1 to 1 and 1/2 pounds per day for a 50 pound dog with 1 meat portion for every 2-4 vegetable portions (No pork due to trichinosis and avoid night shade veggies: eggplant…etc) Some grain, either cooked rice or oatmeal to transition dog to homemade food-but not necessary for long term health. Chicken necks, wings and backs, always raw, to provide calcium (never knew raw chicken was okay, learned some very new things doing this research!) Using raw chicken parts/ground meat and finely chopped veggie medley….Mixing meat and veggies together just before feeding, adding 2-4 oz of water (hot to take off the refridgerator chill) to the meat/veggie mix when you serve it. Organ meats are really good. Eggs soft boiled for 1 minute. As for supplements…best advice I’ve seen is to talk to your vet about your individual dog. I found good basics by typing in the search words ‘raw dog food recipes’. Started feeding my dogs “raw” on Saturday and the dogs seem to be loving it!

  2. Kate Says:

    Hi Gary,
    I’m extremely leery about feeding my 13 year old cat raw meat, so your readers who want to make their own cooked dog or cat food might be interested in this website:
    This website sells recipes for cooked dog and cat food. (You can see the veterinary consultants at this
    The recipes are quite specific, telling you exactly the number of grams of each ingredient you’ll need. The recipes also include how much of what human vitamin and mineral supplements you wiil need to buy at a drug store, or you can buy the company’s supplement, which I decided to do for my first foray into cooking for Their Highnesses. A couple of caveats here…the recipes are not exactly dirt cheap at $20 each, though you do get a 10% discount if you buy more that 3 recipes. You might need to do this if you have a multiple animal household as the recipes are all formulated according to your pet’s age and weight. These are all recipes for NORMAL weight, healthy animals. Also, you will need to have a scale with 1 gram increments! Naturally, my food scale is in 50 gram increments. Some ingredients are listed by the cup, also, but this is not very practical in the case of a small animal (one recipe calls for 3/16 of a cup of cooked barley, for instance).
    P.S. I love your column.

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