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Get the lead out!

By Gary Bogue
Thursday, March 29th, 2007 at 9:07 am in California condors.

Banning lead bullets will help save condors.
The Center for Biological Diversity protects endangered species and wild places through science, policy, education, and environmental law. This organization has been one of the main leaders in the long fight to ban the use of lead bullets in the current California condor range.

Condors feed primarily on dead animals — many of them deer, wild pigs, etc., that have been shot by hunters. The giant birds are poisoned when they ingest the lead bullets and bullet fragments. According to a story in today’s Times by MediaNews staff writer Paul Rogers, “ … 13 condors have been confirmed killed by lead in Arizona and California since the birds were introduced in the wild 15 years ago. And roughly one-third of the birds in Northern California have been found with high, sometimes dangerously high, lead levels in their blood.”

The California Fish and Game Commission will take public testimony at their April 13 meeting in Bodega Bay on a Dept. of Fish and Game proposal to end the use of lead ammunition in the current condor range, beginning this fall. The lead bullets would be replaced by copper bullets that can be used by hunters.

If you have not already, please visit the “Take Action” page on condors, posted by the Center for Biological Diversity, to send a message to the Commission to get the lead out for California condors:

The debate between hunters and environmentalists on whether or not to ban lead bullets has gone on for long enough. Each delay means more dead condors. Please ask the Fish and Game Commission to ban those lead bullets NOW.

If you need more information, the Center for Biological Diversity has provided the links below to recent media articles on the campaign to switch to non-lead ammunition to protect California condors:

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Monterey Herald 3-7-07
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High Country News 3-5-07
Getting The Lead Out
A proposed ban on lead ammo in California could save condors

See for information about DFG’s proposed regulations.

See for the Commission meeting location and agenda.

Visit for more information about the lead poisoning issue.

Visit the Center for Biological Diversity Web site at

You can also get more information by contacting Jeff Miller, Conservation Advocate for the Center for Biological Diversity, 1095 Market Street, Suite 511, San Francisco, CA 94103 — 415- 436-9682 ext. 303; Fax 415-436-9683.

Let’s get the lead out … NOW!

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  1. Bill G Says:

    Bullet Design

    In ordered for the projectile to inflict sufficient damage it must be made of a dense material (a heavy metal). What do you propose to replace the lead with?

    Mercury ?
    Depleted Uranium ?

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